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Rip Through

Full Contact Defender
Learn to rip through and execute with toughness and contact!
The Rip Through ® provides players with a realistic and safe way to practice protecting the basketball from the hands of a defender. The game of basketball is becoming a game of physicality that is being played by bigger and stronger players. The ability of a player to begin a move in a tough, aggressive manner is essential to the success of the play. The Rip-Through's patented, spring-loaded arm allows a player to simulate the force of a defensive player trying to steal the basketball. The Rip-Through forces a player to begin any move with toughness, and forces the player to concentrate on maintaining possession of the basketball. In addition, the adjustability of the Rip-Through allows the unit to be used for contested shooting drills, or to provide resistance for interior shots.

A vast majority of basketball games are decided by the slimmest of margins. Use of The Rip-Through can help reduce needless turnovers, thus providing your team more productive possessions. Possessions that may very well help you win the game!

Features of The Rip-Through:

  • Allows players to begin moves in a strong, consistent manner while being closely defended 
  • Provides light resistance for shooting and lay-ups 
  • Used for contested shooting drills 
  • Increased ball handling strength 
  • Increased shooting strenght 
  • Height and arm angle are fully adjustable for a wide range of starting positions 
  • Arm is spring-loaded for quick return action 
  • Easy to store 
  • Non-marking rubber base to protect floor 
  • Foam covered arm for maximum safety 

Functions of The Rip-Through (pictured left)

1. Begin moves in a tough, aggressive manner while being closely defended.
2. Provides resistance for interior shots, power lay-ups and jump shots. Practice powering through a defenders arms
3. Great for contesting perimeter shots.

To Move Unit:
Tilt the unit back onto its wheels using the foot bar until entire base is off the floor surface. Using the handle, roll the unit to the desired location and slowly set the base back on the floor surface.

To Adjust Height:
Pull locking pin out of the hole. Raise the unit up to the desired height and replace the pin. Be sure that pin is securely in place before using the unit.

To Adjust Arm Angle:
Remove the locking pin from the circular connection point. Move the arm to the desired angle and replace the pin. Be sure that the pin is securely in place before using the unit.

The Rip Through
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“Being in the coaching business for over thirty years there have been many teaching aids introduced, The Rip Through has been the most instrumental in our player development. In today's skill improvement areas the Rip Through gives coaches extra help, coaching station, and teaching tool to help players maximize their abilities. The Rip Through will be added to our summer camp individual stations. This is a teaching aid that will stand the test of time. Coaches looking for ways to improve their program will benefit greatly from having the Rip Through”. 

-Dave Hammer 
Head Men’s Basketball Coach, 
Aquinas College Grand Rapids, MI 

"As an athlete, I'm always looking to gain the competitive edge on my opponent. Powermate's defensive products enable an athlete to train faster, harder, stronger and give you that competitive edge. I've found there is no substitute for hard work, but Powermate products can help take you to that next level." 

-Ann Lemire 
Former player at the University of Michigan, 
European Pro Leagues, 
and the Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA) 

“The Rip Through" is a quality piece of equipment that allows us to make sure our guys are as strong with the ball as they need to be to assure success at the D1 level. I love using it with our post players because by adjusting the arm to its lowest setting, it makes sure our guys are sweeping the ball across their shoe tops with a motion to rip thru the arm without losing control of the ball. I know without looking to see how low they are getting because I can hear the resistance. Our guys really enjoy using the "Rip Through".” 

-Rick Albro 
Assistant Coach, Cleveland State University 
Cleveland, OH 

“The Rip Through is one of the most diverse training tools I have ever worked with. We use it for contested shooting for both the perimeter and post. With a simple adjustment of the arm angle it also forces our players to begin moves in a strong, decisive manner. It is the best training tool I have seen for the offensive skill development of young players.” 

-Chris Davis 
Head Varsity Basketball Coach 
Lawrence High School 
Lawrence, KS 
Director of “Skills Champ” Basketball Camps 

“The Rip-Through by Powermate is one of the most diverse teaching tools I have ever seen. It has helped our perimeter players to be stronger with the ball, and by a simple adjustment of the arm it has helped our post players learn how to finish their post moves on the block.” 

-Kevin Wolma 
Head Varsity Basketball Coach, 
Hudsonville HS 
Hudsonville, MI 

“The Rip Through is one of the best basketball training devices that my teams have ever used. We have found it to be a very valuable part of both our off-season individual player workouts and daily practice. The Rip Through is used every day by our players at all three levels and it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about developing the individual skills of their players.” 

-John Hall 
Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach, 
Rochester Adams High School 
Rochester, MI 

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