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Safety Squat Bar

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Use a safety squat bar for an easy way to perform your squat exercises. 

Squats are great for building lower leg strength to help athletes jump higher and more explosively.

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Thickness of bar - 11/8"
Length - 84"
Capacity - 1000 lb.
Weight - 65 lbs.
(Extra Long & Extra Thick)
Thickness of bar - 13/16"
Length - 92"
Capacity - 1500 lb.
Weight - 72 lbs.

Safety Squat Bar
84" 1,000 lb


Safety Squat Bar
92" 1,500 lb

               4" x 8" Foam Pads to Support Neck & Shoulder                      Specially Designed to do Heavy Squats
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A safety squat is identical to a regular 90 degree bent leg toes straight ahead squat except a special bar is used. The bar allows easy entry into a deep squat which keeps your back straight and is much safer on your lower back and knees. According to research it also has the highest percentage of muscle activation for your recus femoris (or quadriceps).

With the special bar on the rack (at shoulder height), approach it with the back of your shoulders having the weight. While keeping your back and head straight, lift the weight off the rack. Then while keeping your feet shoulder length apart, begin to bend your knees. Keeping your back and head straight, never let your knees go past your toes. Once your legs are bent around 90 degrees you can ascend back to the starting position.
The special safety squat bar is padded and bent for optimal weight distribution.

-Rod Ferris B.A. CPT CPA FLA

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