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Frank Shamrock

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Frank Shamrock
Q. What do you feel was your greatest advantage over Tito in your strategy to secure a victory [in your most recent championship bout?]

A. Definitely my cardiovascular conditioning. No one is better conditioned. I not only do hard cardio, but I do anaerobic sprint drills and plyometric training. 

Frank trained with Jumpsoles and Propriocetors and also Elastic Resistance cords make his takedowns more explosive.  Often being one step quicker can make the difference between a champion and one who is forgotten.

Frank appeared recently on Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris.  The fights were choreographed by Frank himself!

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  • WKC Submission Champion - 1995 
  • 4th King of Pancrase - 1995 
  • Contenders Light-Heavyweight Champion - 1997 
  • 5x UFC Middleweight Champion - 1999
 Height: 5'10"

Submission Wrestling - Trained extensively under Ken Shamrock, the first American to capture the Japanese King of Pancrase title and UFC Superfight Champion. 
 Kickboxing - Currently trains with Maurice Smith, World Kickboxing and Heavyweight UFC Champion. 
 Freestyle Wrestling - Trained by collegiate, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestler Jerry Bohlander. 
 Boxing - Currently trains with Javier Mendez, ISKA Light-Heavy & Light-Cruiserweight Champion. 

The U.S. born Ultimate Fighting events allow a Champion bout to last a maximum of five 5 minute rounds, if necessary, before moving to the judges' decision. The more frequent tournament bouts, however, three 5 minute rounds. Shamrock's previous years of experience fighting non-stop, thirty-minute battles have earned him a mental and physical advantage in the shorter UFC bouts. 
Straight time in fighting is unbelievably tiring. Without the blessing of three-minute rounds and frequent breaks, as in boxing, each fighter faces the toughest challenges in conditioning, perseverance, and heart. It is during those moments of truth in the ring that a man clearly discovers what he is made of. 

Frank Shamrock holding a seminar with the Jumpsoles and the Swiss Ball

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"I greatly enjoy my jumpsoles.  I train in MMA (mixed
martial arts) and the proprioceptors work great for
pin pointing where I am off balance when executing a
move.  The jumpsoles and proprioceptors have now
become a neccessity in my training for rising above
the competition." Thank You, Garrett Dugger

Frank using the Jumpsoles(left) and the Swiss Ball (top)

visit Frank's homepage http://www.frankshamrockusa.com

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