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The Shooting Buddy

Keeps the elbow in and the shooting arm straight.
Produces perfect shooting form!

"The Shooting Buddy" uses muscle memory to keep the elbow in.  The tension caused by the elastic strap reminds you to really keep your elbow in and your arm straight.

Keeping your elbow in generates the most force and the straightest shot!

Take 20 foul shots with the Shooting Buddy on, then 10 shots with it off.  You should feel the muscle memory keeping your elbow and arm straight in when you shoot.

If you consistently practice shooting with this device - your form will improve.

clips on to pants on opposite side of body with clip
The Shooting Buddy
U.S. $16.95


The Shooting Buddy
$101.70 save $22


"After 20 shots, I was convinced. It works. It will improve your shot."

— Harold Jensen 
Member of Villanova's 1985 NCAA Championship team, Member Big 5 Hall of Fame 

"It's a very useful tool, You will be amazed how well it works."
— Herb Magee
Head Coach Philadelphia University 

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