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The Shooting Coach

Linear Rotation Trainer Basketball

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The Shooting Coach is a basketball shooting training aid with a patented shooting method designed to help players accelerate their shooting potential.  Unlike a regular basketball The Shooting Coach consists of different visual components designed to help a player visually read your current shot release and rotation with every release of the ball.

The Shooting coach will help you visually identify your shot's flaws and strengths.  The information gathered every release helps you make the necessary adjustments needed to aid you in the continued pursuit of developing a true shooters shot release and rotation.

  • Patented trainer with great visual components for perfecting your shot
  • Hand Positions show you ideal placement
  • Comes with a 40 minute dvd and an online users and drills guide.
The Shooting Coach
Complete with Training DVD
Price:   $49.95
Shooting Coach Team 6pack Save $30
Price:   $269.95
Available for Right Handed, Left Handed, 29.5" Regulation and 28.5" Intermediate sizes

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