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The Shooting Strap

It MAKES you shoot right!

To become a great shooter, change MUST be made from a two-hand release (a method we ALL learn early on) to a one-hand release. This change is the key to improving accuracy. Until this switch is made, it is IMPOSSIBLE to release the ball properly. The problem is, breaking the two-hand habit is extremely difficult and most players are never able to completely make the switch.
The SHOOTING STRAP solves the two-hand problem quickly and easily. Its unique patented design develops proper form by forcing the ball to be released with one hand. All you have to do is shoot 30 minutes a day for two weeks and your form AUTOMATICALLY improves. Like magic! It is so effective for improving accuracy and form, even the Pros are using it. 

The SHOOTING STRAP attaches to your non-shooting arm and hand and prevents it from delivering force for the shot. All the arm and hand are allowed to do is perform their proper roll - to help catch and stabilize the ball until the shooting hand sends it on its way to the basket. 

Because proper form in the non-shooting arm / hand is developed AUTOMATICALLY, the athlete can then TOTALLY concentrate on executing proper form with the shooting hand. 

The final result is... A PERFECT ONE-HAND RELEASE!

The Shooting Strap


The Shooting Strap



". . . It's very effective." 
Lute Olson
Head Coach of the University of Arizona
1997 NCAA National Champion 

". . . To become a better shooter, The SHOOTING STRAP is a must!" 
Dick Bennett
Head Coach of the University of Wisconsin 

". . . exceptional for developing the right shooting form." 
Dr. Tom Amberry
World's Greatest Free Throw Shooter
(Made 2,750 in a row) 

". . . This is no gimmick. Plain and simple - it helps you shoot better!" 
Don Meyer
Coach of Northern State University, Aberdeen SD
(Formerly at David Lipscom University)
Author of Building a Championship Program Video Series 

". . . Bottom line - It works!" 
Morgan Wootten
USA's #1 High School Coach 

". . . when I use the strap on NBA players, there is a significant improvement in their accuracy." 
Andy Enfield
Boston Celtic's Assistant Coach and NBA Shooting Coach
NCAA's All-Time Career Best Free Throw Shooter - 92.5% 

". . . it definitely improves accuracy!" 
Tony Bennett
NCAA's Career Best 3-point percentage - 49.7%
Former NBA player with the Charlotte Hornets
Assistant Coach with the Wisconsin Badgers 

". . . the best device there is to cure the universal epidemic of using two hands to shoot." 
Ed Palubinskas
All World player: '72,'76
Presently shoots free throws at 99% accuracy 

". . . a great device to improve accuracy and form." 
John Lucas
Former NBA player with the Milwaukee Bucks
Denver Nuggetts Assistant Coach 

". . . this is one exceptional training aid." 
Sam Williams
Assistant Coach with the Minnesota Timberwolves

". . . It's amazing how such a simple device can do so much so quickly." 
Tom Cooper
National Jr. College Champion

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