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Handle balls are required for specialized exercises to build core strength or train with a partner. The handle balls offer a better grip on the balls and these can be put around the foot to perform different types of exercises or add weight to the exercise routine. The handle medicine balls can be also be used for lower body exercises to increase strength and build stamina. Handle medicine balls are especially useful for training with an exercise partner and passing the ball around with a better grip. At JumpUSA.com, you can get the handle medicine balls in different weights to suit your exercise routine. These medicine balls are available at affordable prices and you can also buy these in different materials. The handle medicine balls are exercise equipment that should be the part of every athlete’s exercise routine. Browse through JumpUSA’s online store to buy these medicine balls as per your requirement.

Do a variety of exercises with the Single Grip Handle Medicine Ball. Soft grip allows for smooth jumping and punching exercises, as well as powered lunges, core strengthening exercises, and swinging exercises.
  • Excellent for dumbbell simulation and rotary drills
  • Great for adding resistance to lunges and balance exercises
  • Great hand weights for boxing
  • Easy to hold and control during drills
  • Fits your foot for leg exercises
  • Sand filled

Lunges with 2 Single Grips
JumpUSA.com Topic #422
 The "King of First Step Quickness"
Deemed the "King of First Step Quickness" by Marv Marinovich, pro trainer and writer of 'ProBodX', the Power Lunge has been a favorite of ours for years.  
The Power Lunge - the King of First Step Quickness:
Holding a Single Grip Medicine Ball or a dumbbell in each hand, lunge forward so your back knee is almost touching the ground. Use your arms and shoulders to lift the weights straight up and over your head.  Bring your arms back down to chest level as you step for your next lunge.

We recommend starting with 5 lb. Single Grips or weights in each hand. If you are working more for power you can use 10% of your body weight (total). Do walking lunges for 20 yards (or 10 lunges each leg) and work up to 3 sets.  You should feel great strengthening in your quads, ankles, and core for a faster, more explosive first step.

Get the best results using Jumpsoles and a Weight Belt, or even insert the Proprioceptor Plugs for an added instability dimension on this exercise. For added resistance, add a Jumpstretch Flexband. Put on side around your waist and have a partner hold the other end, providing added resistance to each lunge. 

Keep doing with this exercise and you will be exploding off the line and blowing by defenders!

6" Diameter
Fill these shells with sand or water for
adjustable Single Grip Handle Weights.

6" Single Grip Shell Only

2 lb. Single Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG2)

3 lb. Single Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG3)

8" Diameter
Fill these shells with sand or water for
adjustable Single Grip Handle Weights.

8" Single Grip Shell Only

5 lb. Single Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG5)

7 lb. Single Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG7)

10 lb. Single Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG10)

12 lb. Single Grip Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG12)

(2) 7 lb. Single Grip Handle Balls + Swiss Ball

(Item # MBSGSET)

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