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Skill Enhancer

"The Skill Enhancer makes you jump and makes you get the ball higher on free throws."

The Skill Enhancer is a basketball training device, created to develop and/or improve any basketball players shot.
  • Creates pure shooters who can score with accuracy from anywhere on the floor
  • Helps accomplish the three “F’s” of shooting: Foundation, Form and Follow through
  • The defense bars assists the coach in teaching correct shooting technique and form
  • Has five defense bars which allow up to five players to shoot at different distances and angles on the court. Can be extended up to 15 feet from the goal and rotates from baseline to baseline.
  • Is versatile and the easy setup takes minutes
  • When the shot is made the ball comes back in the return net, allowing the shooter to execute the “triple threat” position before shooting again
  • Can be accessorized with ball racks, motor with hand held remote and/or storage box
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

The defense bars simulate being guarded by a defender, which allows the shooter to adjust the arc on his/her shot. The Skill Enhancer helps correct poor shooting habits and bad shooting techniques.


  • Good eye contact with the goal 
  • Proper elevation of the body 
  • Good body alignment 
  • Correct arm position 
  • The Skill Enhancer can be extended up to 15 feet from the goal and rotates from baseline to baseline. This allows the player(s) to improve jump shots, 3 point shots and free throws. The return net allows the shooter limitless shooting practice
The quick ball retriever improves player's ability to shoot quickly and accurately.

Helps to Learn the Correct Shooting Form 
  • It provides the tools for a rigorous training regimen to improve the correct shooting technique with or without supervision
  • Improves body form and forces players to shoot over their defenders
  • Encourages body elevation when shooting
  • Encourages correct shooting form, aligning the body and arching the ball over the head for better control and more accurate shot
Improves Shooting Percentage
  • Repetitive shooting improves skills and makes correct form automatic
  • Allow players to see improvement and quick results which allows them to chart progress daily and make adjustments as needed
  • Coaches can use the tool to train multiple players at once on improving their shooting accuracy

Any basketball player/team can benefit from using the Skill Enhancer: Male, female, young, old, beginner or experienced!
  • Teams - The Skill Enhancer is the perfect addition to your basketball program. The entire team will benefit from developing better shooting skills
  • Individual - Consistent and repetitive use of the Skill Enhancer will provide rewarding results. Your scoring percentage will be increased!
  • Training Camps - An excellent addition for your next training camp. The Skill Enhancer is designed to provide a rigorous training regime and a total body workout
Skill Enhancer
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Skill Enhancer?
The Skill Enhancer is a basketball training apparatus designed to enhance a player’s shooting skills. It also helps correct poor shooting techniques and bad habits such as: 

  • Shooting the ball from the chest region 
  • Shooting the ball from in front of the face, blocking eye contact with the goal 
  • Shooting the ball flat, without any upward arch 
  • Shooting the ball from the hip region 
  • Throwing the ball in a baseball-type manner
How long does it take to set up the Skill Enhancer and do I need extra tools?
The Skill Enhancer can be assembled easily by an individual or a group. It requires no special tools and can be assembled or disassembled in 15 minutes or less

How is it different from other products?
The Skill Enhancer is not a program or series of drills, but an actual training apparatus that can be used in conjunction with various basketball drills and coaching techniques. It can be positioned up to 15 feet from the goal and rotates from baseline to baseline. This makes it perfect for jump shots, free-throw shots, and 3-point shots. Multiple players can use the Skill Enhancer at one time, so it is good for training the entire team. 

Can I store the Skill Enhancer when it's not in use?
You can store the Skill Enhancer court side between practices as seen in the picture:


" Our players had a tendency to shoot flat. When they did, they wanted to get your shooting machine out." 

--Patty Dick, Head Women's Basketball Coach, Washburn University

Professional Input in Design
James Oliver, College Men's Basketball Coach
Billy Moore, College Women's Basketball Coach
Phil Gary, College Men's Basketball Coach
Craig Hodges, Basketball Coach & former NBA Player
Patty Dick, College Women's Basketball Coach
Tony Turner, High School Girl's Basketball Coach
Leondre Davis, High School Girl's Basketball Coach

Camps Attended
Sports Zone -2004
Chicago State University -1999
Alabama State University -1995
Washburn University, Kansas -1992
Delia -1992

Other Events Attended
Joe Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - RCA Dome -1997
WBC Annual Meeting/Conference - Information Booth & Live Presentation -1998

Response to Camp Surveys

  • "I liked the Skill Enhancer because it helped me improve my jump shot."
  • "It helped me with my jump shot and following through!"
  • "It helped me to shoot over people who are taller than me."
  • "It would improve any player if they would use it."
  • "The Skill Enhancer makes you jump! It also makes you get the ball higher on free throws."
  • "The Skill Enhancer is awesome!"
  • "It helped me a lot. I hope our coach gets one so I can get even better."
  • "It helps improve your arm extension and jump shot."

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