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The Sluggomatic Micropitching Machine


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When on a streak, good hitters can consistently pick up the seams on a pitch milliseconds earlier than the average hitter. How good are your eyes? The Sluggomatic Micropitching Machine is America's #1 poly golfball pitching machine for hand-eye coordination and vision tuning batting practice.  Once you get good at hitting these small poly balls, regular baseballs will look like softballs. Complete with Tripod!
  • Mounts to any standard camera tripod! 
  • Balls are automatically pitched at 6 second intervals. 
  • Perfect for pre-game warm-up, hitting stations and extended batting practice. 
  • Safe to use indoors or outside. It is the best tool available to help a player at any level develop muscle memory, batspeed and hand-eye coordination. 
  • Uses golf ball sized WiffleTM balls,  recommended by many knowledgeable coaches. 
  • Will hold up to 4 dozen WiffleTM balls at a time! 
  • Runs off an AC adapter/recharger or a 2 or 4 hour rechargeable battery!
Sluggomatic Pitching Machine
2 Dozen Balls
1-Year Warranty
AC Adapter/Charger
2-Hour Battery
25/45mph Pitches

(Item # SLUGGS)

Price:   US$179.95

Sluggomatic Pitching Machine
4 Dozen Balls
2-Year Warranty
AC Adapter/Charger
4-Hour Battery
25/45mph Pitches


Price:   US$229.95

Sluggomatic Pitching Machine
4 Dozen Balls
2-Year Warranty
AC Adapter/Charger
4-Hour Battery
25/45mph Pitches


Price:   US$259.95

Extra set of 24 Wiffle Balls
U.S. $16.95


The Personal Pitcher™ is the best device available for developing hand-eye coordination and confidence in hitters of all ages, from little league levels through high school, college and the Pro’s. The use of the safe golf-ball sized Wiffleball® forces the batter to “fine-tune” his swing and because of its portability (less than 3lbs.) and battery power it can be used indoors or outdoors all year round! “There is nothing better at any price,” is a common comment of HS coaches and established players that have used it. “It works and we guarantee it!,” says Chris Richard, Major League Baseball Player and partner with his father in the business.

Use your regular game bat when practicing with the Personal Pitcher™! That way you will enhance and maintain your muscle memory and timing, in addition to developing bat speed and, very importantly…the confidence to know that you will put the bat on the ball. This is very important for young players. SPC also makes the HitMaster Grobat, to improve hitting skills.

How fast does it throw?

The fastball mode is about 50 MPH, but the distance the batter stands from the machine determines the “effective” speed. From 18-20 ft the speed is equivalent to a 95+ MPH pitch from 60ft. From 28-30 ft the speed is equivalent to a coach lobbing a ball into the strike zone. The batter can move closer as his skills improve. 

How accurate is it? 

Indoors every pitch is in the strike zone. Wind can effect the accuracy when being used outdoors.

What does my warranty include?

Warranty includes all parts and labor for 2 years. Most mechanical problems can be fixed over the phone, and replacement parts are available.

Is this machine advanced enough for a Varsity High School Player?

Absolutely! Players at all levels, including Major Leaguers, use the Personal Pitcher to maintain their swing. Even Chris Richard still uses it to keep his swing in the off season!

How far do the balls travel after being hit?

It depends on the level of the hitter. The best hitters will be able to hit it about 90-100ft. Most hitters will hit them 40-60 ft.

What kind of balls do you use? How long will they last? Can I use the golf ball sized balls that I already have?

We provide 24 or 48 balls with your purchase. They are the best quality and should last well over 1 year. Most golf ball sized poly balls will work (however some might not work).

How do I recharge the battery? How long does it take to charge the battery? Can I over charge it?

Simply plug the machine into the wall with the battery properly installed and it will recharge itself. It takes about 1 hour for each hour of use. After about 4-5hrs of charging the battery unplug it from the wall. It should not lose capacity for many years.

How heavy is the Personal Pitcher?

A fully loaded box (w/ 4 dozen balls, tripod and battery) weighs approx. 9 lbs.

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