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The Perfect Circle
Softball Pitching Trainer

Learn and Improve your:
  • Fastball
  • Changeup
  • Drop Ball
  • Screwball
  • Rise Ball
  • Curve Ball
How does it work? 
Softball pitches must stay close to your legs in order for your arm to make a perfect circle. The perfect circle gives you feedback so you know where your arm is.

Included is a training CD that goes over 6 different pitches and how the Perfect Circle can help you master each motion with accurate muscle memory on every pitch.

The Perfect Circle
Complete with Training CD-Rom
U.S. $24.95

The Perfect Circle
Team pack of 6
Regular Price: $149.70 
Sale Price:  $129.95

Screen Capture from CD-Rom

GREAT IDEA As a pitching instructor who deals with young ladies who are just starting out learning to pitch, this product is a must for all new pitchers. Building the perfect circle gives continued feedback each time she throws the ball. I would recommend this product to all pitching instructors and new or experienced pitchers. This is a great idea. 

Ronnie Thompson, Pitching instructor, Fayetteville, NC 

The Perfect Circle (PC) successfully corrected many students that suffered from improper arm mechanics. The PC provided me a way to quickly re-align the arm motion. I have seen dads take their daughter to a wall or fence to try to correct the alignment problem, which sometimes resulted in minor injuries. The PC is safe and effective at correcting not only the fastball, but the drop and rise. I will encourage my all my students to use the PC. Good product, great results. 

Good Luck, Steve Polk Pitching Coach Westlake Village, CA 

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