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Duane Carlisle's 
Speed Training for Lacrosse
"At last! The truth about how to help your child become quicker, faster and more explosive-- Revealed!"

Do you want your child or your athlete to achieve his/her athletic dreams? 

How disappointed do you think your child or athlete would be if told by a prospective college coach, “We love your sports skills. However, we like our players to be a little more athletic i.e. quicker, faster, and more explosive.”? 

That’s exactly what more and more athletes are being told. Keep the Dream Alive…Help your child (or athlete) be the best that he/she can be…Help your child (or athlete) fulfill his/her unlimited potential.
What inspired Coach Carlisle to produce the "TEAM-BASED SPEED TRAINING FOR LACROSSE" DVD
… As a Parent, I want the best for my children.
…As a Coach, I want the best for my team and athletes.
… As a DREAM FACILITATOR, I want everyone to maximize their potential!!!

Get your Athlete on the Path to Greatness—A Long-term Strategy 
“I was inspired to create The seven (7) chapter Lacrosse DVD through watching my kids play youth football. It never ceased to amaze me that many of the kids playing football today lack athleticism. Sure, there are your superior athletic kids on the field at the youth level who can out run everybody else. However, there will come a time in their lacrosse playing career where they, too, will have to work on becoming a better athlete to compete with opponents at the next level. What does it mean to lack athleticism? By and large, most kids lack the necessary fundamental movement skills—Balance, Quickness, Agility, Explosiveness, and Change of Direction ability. These movement skills serve as the foundation to maximizing performance on the football field in the high school years and beyond. A child’s lacrosse dream should not end in Middle School. The dream should just be starting.”—Coach Duane Carlisle

Who was the Team-Based Speed Training for Lacrosse DVD created for?

  • A Dad or Mom who wants to learn how to help his/her child improve his game speed on the playing field;
  • A Coach who wants to learn the most effective approach to enhance team speed; and
  • A Sports Performance expert who would like to learn another approach to identifying the most common mechanical movement errors and how to provide coaching cues to correct those errors. 

Three Reasons To Believe in Duane Carlisle, Nationally Renowned Sports Performance Expert

Reason one: In 1995, Coach Carlisle was the first Sports Performance Professional in the Philadelphia region to operate a year round training facility named Lightning Fast Training Systems, LLC, geared toward maximizing performance in the area of speed, quickness, and power development for athletes youth through professional. 

Reason two: Coach Carlisle has been employed by 5 Professional Sports Teams in 4 different sports including his current position as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers. 

Reason three: At Coach Carlisle's Lightning Fast Training Centers, over 10,000 youth level athletes have benefitted from his cutting-edge training system producing over 500 Division 1 scholarships in over 14 different sports. 

“Being a coach who has worked with lacrosse athletes at the highest level—the MLL—parents, performance coaches, and elite athletes have paid me between $250-$500 per hour to conduct a private or small group session. I wanted to make the lacrosse DVD as affordable as possible so that I can help as many children as possible achieve their dreams!”

-Duane W. Carlisle

What sets the "Team-Based Speed Training for Lacrosse" DVD apart from other instructional videos?—Discover the Difference!
Filmed Live at a Lacrosse Camp, Coach Carlisle provides an in-depth view of how to organize a team-based speed training session session while providing athletes with feedback. His input helps lacrosse players identify and improve key areas necessary for optimal movement efficiency on the playing field.

In a class by itself, the "Team-Based Speed Training for Lacrosse" DVD is a step-by step training resource. It is not just a video where Coach Carlisle takes your child through a series of drills designed to improve movement efficiency. There are hundreds of videos on the market which do just that. Coach Carlisle reveals his coaching secrets that he has acquired during his 16 years of helping over 20,000 athletes at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional level. 

In his 16 years, Coach Carlisle has helped athletes improve:

  • Athleticism (Balance, Quickness, Agility, Explosiveness, and Change of Direction ability)
  • Coordination
  • Reaction Time
  • Lateral Foot Quickness
  • This LIVE two-hour, easy to understand DVD—jam-packed with over 100 of Coach Carlisle’s most effective and proven exercises—will give you everything you’ll ever need to know about improving movement for lacrosse. 
    This DVD is the tool to ensure that your athlete/team establishes the all-important athletic foundation necessary to reach his highest level of competition in the game of Lacrosse!!!! 
    Most drills in this DVD are performed with a Lacrosse stick in hand to ensure the highest level of transferability to the playing field. 

    With this DVD, your Athlete(s)/Team will develop :

  • A lightning-fast First-Step;
  • Explosive dodge ability; and
  • Quick Twitch/ Fast Twitch Muscle Firing Capability
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Ability
  • Change of Direction Ability
  • Balance
  • Lateral Movement 
  • Agility
  • Explosiveness
  • With this DVD, Coaches will learn how to: 
    • develop an effective speed training program for your team. 
    • implement speed training into your warm-up routine while using lacrosse sticks. 
    • identify and correct common movement errors. 
    • create and enhance functional strength, rotational power and flexibility. 
    • use body weight exercises on the practice field to improve strength without going to the weight room. 
    • ...and more

    Duane Carlisle's


    "I wish I would have started training for speed and athleticism when I was playing youth football as opposed to starting with Coach Carlisle right after I graduated from college. I believe that I would have been that much better of a player." 
    -Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles, Pro Bowl player

    I have used many different speed training systems in the past, simply put, the "How to Become a Better Athlete" DVD is by far the best 
    -Performance Coach

    I've been coaching youth football for years and I've been ding the same old things. Duane's video helped bring me up to speed with the different techniques out there that can educate me about how to help my player's. 

    "Duane has trained my kids for years and they have improved every year and I never knew how he did it. Well after purchasing his video, I not only know what he did with them to get them faster but how he did it with them. I now feel confident enough to train them." 

    "I heard Duane speak at a clinic and was really impressed by his philosophy on how to build athleticism so I purchased his DVD. When I watch the DVD, I felt like he was giving me a one-on-one session on how to coach speed". 
    -Speed Coach

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    Duane Carlisle is the best at what he does. Let him help you become the best at what you do.

    When you are training to be stronger, fast, quicker - a champion - nothing but the best will do. Carlisle, the president and founder of Lightning Fast has spent 13 years pushing athletes of all ages to perform to the maximum potential, regardless of their sport. He is constantly striving to improve his training methods and is always looking for new ways to give athletes the competitive edge they need to succeed. 
    Coach Carlisle has helped over 500 high school athletes earn Division I scholarships and has helped countless college football players improve their draft position for the NFL. Carlisle is the Assisant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers as well as the Larenceville Prep's Team Training Coordinator. He will help YOU take your game to the next level, regardless of your age or sport.  

    • It is Carlisle who began training college athletes for the NFL Draft Combine before it became popular nationwide. 
    • It is Carlisle who created training videos that enable parents to teach their children proper running mechanics, allowing them to be the fastest, quickest and most agile they can be at an early age. 
    • It is Carlisle who is the Assisant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers. Has served as the Speed Development Coordinator with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2000) and the Speed Development Consultant for the defending NFC East Champion Philadelphia Eagles(2000-2004). Carlisle is also the former Head Speed, Strength and Conditioning Coach (2001-2003) fir the Philadelphia Charge of the Women's United Soccer Association and the Speed, Strength and Conditioning Consultant for the Major League Lacrosse's New Jersey Pride(2001-2003). 
    • It is Carlisle who has worked with over 10,000 athletes of all ages, from professional to youth levels. 
    • It is Carlisle who has been selected as a speaker for the nationally acclaimed Perform Better One Day, Learn-By-Doing Funcational Training Seminars. 

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