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 Stroops Loops

Light: 12 lbs. of resistance
Medium: 19 lbs. of resistance
Heavy: 26 lbs. of resistance
Very Heavy: 33 lbs. of resistance
Stroops Loops have comfort and durability built all the way around. Grab anywhere you want with no skin irritation and no need for handles or cuffs. Stroops Loops can be used for both upper body and lower body toning. The safety sleeve™ covering provides a built in stretch limitation for increased product life and safety for the user. 28" in length.
Stroops Loop
Choose your Resistance
Price:   Light: $14.95
Medium: $16.95
Heavy: $17.95
Very Heavy: $19.95


These are a few of the exercises you can do to work various regions: Archery type exercises, Lateral Resistance, Seated Rows:

Stroops Loops
All 4 Bands
Price:   US$59.95

Stroops Loops
2 Heavy, 2 Very Heavy
Price:   US$69.95


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