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Ankle Knee and Elbow Supports

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JumpUSA Elbow and Knee Supports
Neoprene Elbow and Knee Supports will provide excellent joint support without sacrificing comfort.  All have fully adjustable velcro straps.

Our Knee Supports are offered with therapeutic magnets that can restore health and blood flow.  Magnetic Therapy is used by over 100 million people to reduce pain and give your body a more healthy feeling.

Elbow Support
(Item # ELBOW)
Price:   US$19.95 

Knee Support
(Item # KNEE)
Price:   US$29.95 

Magnetic Knee Support 
(Item # KNEEMAG)
Price:   US$39.95 

  • Comfort  Without plastic or moving parts, you'll forget it's there.
  • Support  Support your joints before and after injury
  • Compression Keep those joints tight during activity or after injury
  • Warmth   Keep your muscles warm essential during exercise
  • Fully Adjustable Tightness Tighten for activity and loosen for comfort
  • Machine-washable  Ensures cleanliness
  • Optional(knee only):  Magnetic Therapy  Magnets can increase blood flow and reduce pain

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