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Swing Machine X-Factor

Do you want 20... 30... 40 more yards?


Golf Equipment


The ultimate golf-specific training, strengthening and improvement station for gyms, clubs, academies, sports medicine facilities or home.  Built for non-stop performance, the X-Factor Professional is the only piece of equipment you need to truly groove a strong, flexible, on-plane swing and reinforce proper swing mechanics. So you can gain 20, 40 or even 60 yards on your tee shots and increase your length dramatically with all of your woods and irons. 

More Distance • Better Golf
  • GAIN 20, 40, 60 YARDS FROM THE TEE
The highest point of the machine, at the highest adjustment, while it is in use is 7 feet. This is when the machine is set to the height setting of "8", which is for people who are over 6'-4" tall.

What is the Power Max Fitness Swing Machine? 

The Power Max Fitness Swing Machine is a golf-specific workout system designed with the help of orthopedic surgeons, sport medicine physicians, golf teaching professionals and tour players. The Swing Machine encourages a proper shoulder turn on the correct swing plane and strengthens every muscle used in an athletic, well coordinated swing. 

How does the Power Max Fitness Swing Machine work? 

The Power Max Fitness Swing Machine provides a mechanically guided path and an adjustable resistance to help you tone, strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles and joints used in an athletic swing. 

Practice Correct Hand and Arm Position
How will this increase my distance? 

The Swing Machine X-factor Professional™ provides a guided path on the correct swing plane and an adjustable resistance force to correctly challenge your body so you develop greater swing strength, increased flexibility, on plane muscle memory and power generating swing mechanics. These factors allow you to make a more efficient and controlled swing while at the same time creating much faster clubhead speeds. So, the Swing Machine X-factor not only builds swing strength, flexibility and stamina. It also encourages and reinforces the key distance generating swing details such as good shoulder rotation, a wide backswing with good arm extension, a proper, well timed weight shift and a delayed release that takes advantage of the body's natural levers. 

All of these details, which are practiced and developed through the unique design of the X-factor Professional, consistently and reliably develop increased distance and accuracy. 

How will this improve my swing? 

By training on the Swing Machine X-factor Professional™ you will actually improve your golf swing while you develop a stronger, more flexible swing motion. With input from top ranked teaching professionals the design and function of this equipment guides your body through a picture perfect golf swing in slow motion and against an easily adjustable resistance force. While performing this slow motion swing it is easy to focus on the timing and details of a quality golf swing. As you maintain good arm extension on the backswing motion, the Swing Machine guides your shoulder turn on the correct swing plane into a well balance and fully loaded backswing position. Then, as you make your weight shift on the platform and initiate your down swing you are approaching the ball striking zone on an inside path and using the correct hand and arm position which will trigger a delayed or low release and generate power and speed with maximum efficiency. By performing this rotational motion over and over your body will develop the muscle memory needed to make this correct swing a habit. 

Used and Recommended by Professionals
  • The ultimate dual-direction golf-specific stretching device for a more flexible, relaxed backswing
  • Adjustable resistance to strengthen all the swing related muscles for increased power
  • Mechanically guided path to encourage and reinforce the correct swing plane and groove the muscle memory for straighter, more consistent ball flight 
  • Dynamic Rotational Resistance™ trains the muscle firing sequence for better swing tempo
  • Biomechanically engineered grip path develops proper hand position throughout the swing motion
  • Stand-up operation allows twisting crunches for a slimmer, more athletic build
  • Perfect for teens through seniors, men and women
  • Build proper hand position and encourage a delayed release for explosive drives and higher, longer irons 
  • Four starting positions and multiple golf-specific exercises and drills so you can customize your golf routine

Swing-Machine X-Factor
 US $1299.00
(Item # XFACTOR)

Pro Testimonies

"The Swing Machine X-factor from Power Max Fitness really is a fantastic piece of training equipment. I use it, I like it and I really think it's helped my golf game. After three years with the Power Max Fitness equipment at Sea Island I can definately recommend it."

Davis Love III began his Professional golfing career in 1985 and has since spent several years in the Top 10 of the Official World Golf Rankings. Winner of 18 PGA Tour events including the 1997 PGA Championship and 2 International events, Davis has earned over $30 million in prize money over his 20-year professional career and continues to be one of the most productive and talented Tour players in the World.

“I’ve been involved as a player and instructor in competitive golf for 50 years and during that time I’ve never seen a piece of equipment that offers the advantages that the X-factor Swing
Machine does.”

Jack Lumpkin is Senior Director of Instruction at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center. Jack has over 50 years of golf teaching experience and was selected the PGA Teacher of the Year in 1995 and is identified by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 Teachers in the U.S. He was the 12th ranked teaching pro in the U.S. and 1st in the state of Georgia in Golf Digest’s National Rankings for 2005. Jack has been the personal swing instructor to PGA Tour Professional Davis Love III throughout his Tour career.

“It helps keep me flexible so I can make a big turn and it strengthens my core muscles so I can really increase my clubhead speed.”

May Wood is an up and coming star who is currently competing on the Futures Tour. May began her professional career in July of 2004 after establishing herself as a serious competitor at the collegiate level as a member of the Vanderbilt College Team and being named as the 2004 SEC Player of the Year. May, at 6’2” tall is one of the longest drivers on her Tour with tee shots ranging to 300 yards.

“I use the Swing Machine X-factor professional. It is an incredible workout station for stretching, training and strengthening the golf muscles for increased stamina and more distance.”

Randy Myers is Director of Fitness at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center. He has been a pioneer for the last 20 years in biomechanics, exercise physiology and core strengthening. Randy has been a Professional Advisor for Golf Digest since 2000 and is a Founding Member of the Titleist Performance Institute. He has had over 50 articles published in various journals and magazines addressing golf specific fitness, stretching and flexibility, strengthening for the golf swing and rehabilitation. Randy is currently working with over 100 Tour professionals including Davis Love III.

“As Director of Instruction at the Sea Island Golf Club, I love using the Power Max Fitness machine because it reinforces the fundamentals that we teach and it will help improve your golf game.”

Todd Anderson is Director of Instruction at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center. He is currently a Contributing Teacher for Golf Magazine and was featured on the cover of the December, 2004 issue. Todd is ranked one of “America’s 50 Greatest Teachers” by Golf Digest, is one of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers” and was ranked as the 27th teaching pro in the U.S. according to Golf Digest’s National Ranking for 2005. Todd has had over 35 of his instructional articles published.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness and Golf experts come with each machine 

When you invest in a Power Max Fitness Swing Machine Professional™ you don't just get the finest golf-specific workout and training station in the world. You also get expert advice and instruction from a team of golf professionals who have built their careers and reputations on helping golfers play better and shoot lower scores. 

Todd Anderson has been a PGA Teaching Professional since 1987 and is the Director of Instruction at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center. He was selected as the1995 and 1996 Southeast Florida PGA Teacher of the Year and the 1999 South Florida Section PGA Teacher of the Year. Todd is currently a Contributing Teacher for Golf Magazine and was featured on the cover of the December, 2004 issue of Golf Magazine. Todd Anderson is ranked one of “Americas 50 Greatest Teachers” by Golf Digest and is one of Golf Magazine's “Top 100 Teachers.” Todd has had over 35 instructional articles published in these magazines. Most recently, Todd Anderson has been selected #27 in America in Golf Digest's National Rankings for 2005 

Randy Myers is Director of Fitness at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center. He has been a pioneer for the last 20 years in biomechanics, exercise physiology, core strengthening and performance enhancement as related to the golf swing. Randy has been a Professional Advisor for Golf Digest since 2000 and is a Founding Member of the Titleist Performance Institute. Randy has had over 50 articles published in various journals and magazines dealing with golf specific fitness, stretching and flexibility, strengthening for the golf swing and rehabilitation. Randy contributed to the Book “Breaking 100, 90, 80” and is the author of the “Official PGA Golf Stretching Guide.” Randy is currently working with several PGA Tour professionals including Davis Love III and many top men and women amateurs. 

This modern day dynamic duo is featured on the half-hour instructional DVD that comes with your Swing Machine. Todd and Randy take a detailed look at how to perform the various drills and exercises and how this equipment will build a Stronger, Better golf swing. They also explain how the X-factor Professional develops some of the finer details of an efficient golf swing such as tempo, timing, weight shift, balance and proper shoulder rotation. 

Guaranteed Results 

The Swing Machine X-factor Professional™ is the ultimate one-stop golf improvement station that will help you gain 20-40 yards from the tee, and improve your golf swing. Contrary to popular belief, golf is a contact sport. You make contact with your club and your club makes contact with the ball. And since it is a contact sport you will perform better if your “swing engine” is well tuned, and all that is required to tune and super charge your swing engine is to spend a few minutes a day on the Swing Machine X-factor Professional. 

This is not voodoo and there are no smoke and mirrors. This is a medically proven fact. By working with this equipment, you will tone, strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles and joints used in an athletic swing motion and you will increase your flexibility, stamina and swing mechanics. 

We feel so confident that the Swing Machine X-factor Professional from Power Max Fitness will help you go long and stay in the short grass that we are willing to make a money back guarantee. If you don't feel that you are getting the results you want, just send it back within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of your purchase price. 

This is the most effective golf training and strengthening station in the world and it will help you Swing Stronger and Hit Longer. 
Why Golfers Workout 

In recent years the face of professional golf has changed. The tour professionals who are winning are the players who work to squeeze every bit of performance they can from their body's “swing engines.” The winners work out to enhance their performance because distance is the key to winning. These athletes are training to be able to swing with more power and to develop the stamina to out- last their competition. 

Well, in recreational golf the stakes may not be as high but competitive ferocity is driving golfers of all ages and skill levels to gyms and fitness clubs. When they get there, what will they find? Well, unless their gym has the Swing Machine X-factor Professional they will probably see heavy medicine balls, cable and pulley machines and free weights which are not specifically designed for exercising for the golf swing. On typical gym style cable equipment the range of motion is linear or straight in and out. There is no aspect of the golf swing that operates on the linear principal. Clubhead speed, power and swing plane are all generated as a result of rotational motion. And with free weights and medicine balls the muscles being strengthened are usually the lifting or takeaway muscles. These techniques do nothing to strengthen the muscles that power the down-swing. Another deficiency in these free weights is that there is no way to insure that you are working on the correct swing plane. 

The Swing Machine X-factor Professional, on the other hand, guides the full swing motion and maintains good arm extension and a proper swing path while you train so you not only stretch and strengthen the muscles used in a perfect golf swing but also train muscle memory for a mechanically correct swing motion on the proper swing plane. 

Stamina to keep Swinging and Swinging 

A typical round of golf can last from 4-5 hours and between warm-up, practice swings and actual playing swings a golfer may swing over 200 times during an outing. That's a lot of swings! 

To be able to make that many swings and have the focus, control and strength needed for a confident finish takes stamina and staying power. The Swing Machine X-Factor Professional™ builds this critical stamina as you work out against the adjustable resistance. This equipment is not designed to build bulk muscle tissue for heavy work, but instead, to build more tone and strength in the swing-specific muscles through repetitions so a controlled swing motion can be repeated over and over and over as you practice and play. Golfers who lack stamina typically start to fall off on the back 9 holes due to simple muscle fatigue. 

Working with the X-factor Professional will build the stamina you need to Start Strong and Finish Strong. 

More Distance with Every Club 

Technology can only carry your game and your ball so far. After that, it's up to you. 

Buying a new driver to get a few extra yards from the tee may seem like a sound investment but what about your other clubs? 

Your “swing engine” determines where the ball goes and how far it goes. If you want more distance, more control and more accuracy, you need to strengthen the muscles that power your swing. A new club won't do it. A new ball won't do it. The Swing Machine X-factor Professional™ will do it! By working with this equipment you will develop more swing-specific flexibility, more swing strength and more swing control and you will develop all of these distance factors while grooving better swing mechanics. 
How will this fix my slice? 

The leading cause of a slice swing or “Power Fade” is an over the top move or an above plane down swing that causes the clubhead to approach the ball on an outside to in path which imparts clockwise spin to the golf ball (for a right hand golfer). 

The fastest and most consistent way to beat a “slice” ball flight is to approach the golf ball on an inside to out path and on the correct swing plane. This inside path will result in a square club face at impact and the backspin imparted will help the ball maintain a lifting, boring trajectory. 

The Swing Machine X-factor Professional™ guides an inside path on the correct swing plane as you train and will not allow the excessive over the top move on the down swing, so with routine sessions on the Swing Machine your body can develop muscle memory for the correct inside path to impact and you can say “Goodbye” to that chronic slice. 

Why is it important that the Swing Machine works in both directions? 

Since the patent pending design of the Swing Machine allows it to work in either direction full time, it is possible to alternate right and left handed swings to strengthen both sides of the body uniformly. Top medical professionals recommend that golfers swing both right and left handed an equal number of times to avoid long term injury and maintain muscle symmetry throughout the body. Since the Swing Machine can operate in either direction with no adjustment, it is easy to get the prescribed balanced workout with no hassle. 

Can I also use the Swing Machine to warm-up before a round? 

Doctors recommend: 

Proper Swing Techniques 
Swing specific warm-up to minimize after play soreness and risk of injury. 
With the Power Max Fitness Swing Machine, all of these recommendations can be followed. 

Is the Swing Machine adjustable? 

The Swing Machine is easily adjustable for height and resistance force so athletes of all sizes and strength levels can benefit. 

Will the Swing Machine increase my distance, control and accuracy? 

Daily repetitions on the Swing Machine develop proper swing mechanics by grooving your muscles into the correct swing plane. It also conditions and strengthens these swing specific muscles so you can achieve more distance from the tee, more power from the deep rough and more control all the way to the hole. 

How often should I use the Swing Machine and how many repetitions should I do? 

We suggest exercising on the Swing Machine 3-5 times per week and for 10-20 minutes each session. As with any new exercise regiment, start gradually and work up as you become comfortable and accustomed to the various exercises you can perform on the Swing Machine. For every set of five to ten repetitions in one direction, switch grip position and execute the same number in the opposite direction to derive the full benefit from this equipment. 

Jack Lumpkin with Davis Love, III
How long does it take to see results? 

Depending on your overall physical condition and the quality of your sessions on the Swing Machine, you may expect to see and feel results in just a few weeks. Most people report recognizable results in 10 to 20 days. 

After a round of golf, my lower back is really sore. Will the Swing Machine help? 

Alternating swing directions on the Swing Machine strengthens the support network of muscles in the lower back, abdominals, obliques and pelvic girdle. Toning and strengthening these muscles on both sides of the body will greatly reduce the risk of after play soreness. 

Is there much to assemble? 

The Swing Machine is shipped fully assembled but the various support bases require that 4-6 screws be installed. With the floor base, this usually takes about five minutes. 

I lift weights and workout at the gym. Why do I need the Swing Machine? 

General workouts are good for general conditioning, but when you are involved in a particular sport, there are very specific demands on those certain muscles associated with the complex interactions of your swinging movement. The key to the Power Max Fitness Swing Machine is in its ability to tone, strengthen and maintain flexibility of all the muscles and joints involved in your perfect swinging stroke. 

30 Day No Risk 

The Power Max Fitness Swing Machine X-factor Professional is the most effective golf-specific swing strengthening, conditioning and rehabilitation device available at any price. We feel confident that you will agree. Power Max Fitness Corporation offers a 30-day, money-back, guarantee of your satisfaction. If you don't see and feel the benefits of the Power Max Fitness Swing Machine X-factor Professional within 30 days of delivery, return it and we will quickly refund your purchase price, less shipping and handling charges. 

To return merchandise for a refund, please contact us at 650-967-6680 or email sales@jumpusa.com.

Power Max Fitness Swing Machines are backed with 3-year limited warranty on parts & labor 

Power Max Fitness Corporation warrants that the Power Max Fitness Swing Machine is free of defects in materials and craftsmanship and will mechanically function as represented for a period of 3 years from date of original purchase. 

This Warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at the discretion of Power Max Fitness Corporation, of parts shown to be defective. This Warranty does not extend to damage sustained to the Swing Machine or its component parts through improper use, abuse, accident or negligence. 

Any attempt, to alter the Swing Machine or disassemble the unit's internal component parts will void this Warranty. Damage sustained through misuse, abuse, accident or negligence may be repaired, but the Swing Machine must be returned to manufacturer for an estimate of cost. No repairs, which are the responsibility of purchaser, shall be made without the written consent of purchaser. 

All returns to manufacturer must be received properly packaged and clearly labeled with purchaser's name, address, phone number and/or e-mail address. Returns must include a brief, detailed description of problem. This Warranty shall inure to the benefit of the original purchaser for 3 years from the original purchase date. 

This Limited Warranty replaces any implied or expressed warranties of fitness or merchantability. Power Max Fitness Corporation shall bear no liability for damages or injuries incidental or consequential occurring through operation of this device. Operators are advised to use caution and operate this equipment at their own risk and only after reading and implementing the instructions found in the Operator's Manual. 

Exposure of this equipment to rain or areas of heavy moisture may void this warranty. 

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