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The Swingbuster Handsback Hitter

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The Swingbuster Hands Back Hitter™
Take a step and trigger the launcher. The Wiffle ball pops up in your ideal hitting location.  Hands Back, Foot down, with your hips leading to the ball.

The Hands Back Hitter™ , the affordable, portable, personal batting station that keeps you training and swinging right every time.
Thanks to Swingbuster, tee work does not have to be boring and unchallenging anymore. The Hands Back Hitter™ creates the perfect sequence of hands back, soft balanced stride, and rotational swing to handle all pitches, especially curve balls and change-ups. Eliminates late striding, swinging during your stride, lunging, and pulling balls foul. This device forces the batter to hit the ball deeper over the plate every time, making it easier to go opposite field to hit behind runners. The perfect hitting station at school for all levels or the perfect addition to your backyard setup.
The Hands Back Hitter™ Basic
affordable, lightweight version

This model is targeted for the 6-13 age group for backyard ballpark to school P.E. classes. It makes use of all size plastic balls from the favorite golf ball mini to the 9" plastic wiffle. Perfect trainer that improves play while kids just have fun. Containst the same great CD-Rom training disc and 6 full sized plastic baseballs. Assembles for RH or LH batters.


comes with light weight balls

The Hands Back Hitter™ Pro
solid steel construction

The Pro model is built with a heavy duty adjustable frame. It throws up ALL BALLS real or plastic for baseball or softball. The pitch height adjusts in seconds. It comes with an extra string, 12 plastic balls and a CD-Rom training disc. The patented pitching machine/batting tee hybrid that controls the swing sequence for rotational hitters. Extremely durable and used from LL to D-1 Programs. Assembles for RH or LH batters.

U.S. $99.95

comes with 12 Wiffle Balls 430B


1. What do you do for LH batters?

The same unit ASSEMBLES for either RH OR LH

2.  Can you change it over?

You can but it takes about 3-4 minutes and most coaches buy two (2) for team practice because of the price......it just saves time and you can run two stations at once

3. What balls do I use?

It comes with 12 light weight plastic balls but you can use real baseballs , softballs , and golf ball wiffles too

4. What powers it?

There is a patented spring popper that allows height adjustment for all weight balls...it takes no electricity. You can use it is the rain

5. Will the string wear out?

We recommend no cleats but strings have not been a problem. Besides they add a second string free just in case 

6. How will I know how to use it?

It comes with a Training CD with about 100 slides with some streaming video. If you do  not have a computer it has pictures with instructions in the assembly guide and coaching tips

7. What ages and gender?

It adjust for arm length and the long trigger area allows the batter to move up and away about 14 inches with no adjustment between batters required. Very athletic 6-7 Y.O kids learn well and all payers up to and through college..  Most now consider the fastpitch swing to be the same as MLB swing so it have equal application for baseball and softball

8. How hard is it to assemble?

4 hands tighten knobs and NO TOOLS ...the popper is pre-assembled

9. Do you have to cock it each time? 

Yes , we want them to work more slowly, concentrating on balance , stride,  load ect....swinging  in rapid succession makes for upper body hitters. This is what makes this trainer so good. 

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