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The Swing Sock for Golf

Swing Warmup - Swing Trainer for Irons

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  • Weighted Sock attaches easily and securely to any iron or utility wedge.
  • Warm-up in seconds before play or practice.
  • Training will increase power, flexibility, consistency and will also help stop slicing.
  • Improves accuracy, tempo and increases club head speed for greater distance.
  • Includes comprehensive warmup and drill instructions from a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor.
  • Weight Placement designed for a quicker release, a more powerful drive and greater distance.
  • Fits conveniently in your bag 

Get your muscles warmed up and ready to go, make the proper golf swing in seconds.

The Swing Sock gets you warm in a hurry! 

  • In just a few swings your muscles are loose and ready for the first hole.
  • No more swinging 2 clubs, holding 2 grips and feeling 2 club heads moving around while swinging.
  • No more swinging donuts that slide up and down. 
  • Swing Sock fits conveniently in your bag.
  • Can be used any time you feel the need to loosen up, great in cold weather.
  • The Swing Sock attaches easily and securely to any iron or wedge. 
  • Swing Sock increases your flexibility and it stretches all the important upper body muscles used in the golf swing. 

  • Training with Swing Sock will greatly improve your strength in the hands, arms, shoulders and back. 
  • Swing Sock will help you develop strong wrists and keep your golf muscles toned. 
  • The Swing Dynamic drills that are included will help to improve your tempo and timing.

  • Increases power, flexibility, consistency and will also help stop slicing. 
  • Improves accuracy, tempo and increases club head speed for greater distance. 
The Swing Sock Performance
  • Ideal for Most Golfers / Playing Abilities 
  • Weight: 8oz. 
Price:   $19.95 

The Swing Sock Tour Weight
  • Ideal for Low Handicap / High Swing Speed Golfers 
  • Weight: 11oz. 


"I use the Swing Sock to stretch my muscles. It is a great asset to my pre-practice routine. Sometimes it takes the place of hitting balls to warm up. It is a versatile tool for all skill levels to stretch muscles, to swing indoors and also to practice the mechanics of your golf swing without hitting golf balls! "

"Thank you for such a useful practice and warm-up aid."

Mike McCullough, PGA & Senior PGA Tour

"As a member of the Senior PGA Tour the Swing Sock is ideal for me to loosen up before each round . Attached to my 5-Iron, a swing with full range of motion several times and I'm good and ready to go."

"It's design feature is perfect for any golfer before a round or simply to loosen and stretch." 
"I highly recommend Swing Sock to any and all golfers."

Terry Mauney, Senior PGA Tour

"The Swing Sock will help you develop a powerful and consistent swing that stays on plane"

Rick Grayson, PGA- Golf Magazines Top 100 Instructor

"I love the convenience of the Swing Sock when I'm warming up of just using it as a training or stretching aid. The last thing I need while traveling on the LPGA Tour is another bulky item to carry around. Best of all my golf game has experienced positive results from using the Swing Sock." 

Jackie Gallagher-Smith

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