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Swivler Swiveler Pivoting Rotatable Snowboard Bindings Rotate!

Swivel Attachment Gives you a Rotabable Snowboard Binding. You can Pivot your Stance for Total Comfort when Walking or Sitting on a Lift!

The best snowboard invention in recent memory! Do you find it painful to maneuver in the lift line with one foot stuck in an awkard angle to your snowboard? On the lift, does the board dangle down twisting your knee for the whole ride? The all new Swivler rotating binding attachment can easily swivel, providing precious relief to your ankle, knee, and feet. Pull the cord and pivot. Now you can skate around on your board. Ride a lift without pain. When you pull up to release, you are free to rotate your binding to a comfortable position!  The Swivler is a swivel pivot plate that goes between your actual bindings and your snowboard.

The most innovative snowboard attachment the world has ever seen!  With just a quick pull on the pivoting snowboard binding tether you can easily walk or stand without your knee or ankle being twisted. Now everyone can enjoy the ease of floating through the snow and be able to walk to their car at the end of the day.

How to operate the Swivler

Operation of the Swivler is simple. Just pull up on the tether and at the same time rotate your foot. No need to sit down, remove your gloves, or bend over. 

Standing and walking in a lift line has never been more comfortable!

Benefits include:

  • Skating on your board becomes faster and much more comfortable. The Swivler allows you to skate with your front foot straight as if you were on a skateboard. 
  • The Swivler wipes away that twisted painful feeling many boarders experience in lift line and while riding the lift. Your knees and ankles will thank you! 
  • Easy installation and the Swivler includes protection to help keep your board from getting scuffed. 
  • Will accept any binding on the market today.
  • Comes with swiveling front foot adaptor plate and matching rear foot riser plate.
  • Rumor has it that some pro boarder’s have been pulling some crazy tricks with the Swivler. Keep in mind that you might be compromising your well being by using the Swivler for unintended purposes. 

What the Swivler is made of:

  • Engineered Polymer Composite, this stuff keeps the Swivler incredibly light weight and strong. 
  • High Tensile Strength Aluminum 
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Weighs only 15.8 ounces
  • One Year Replacement Warranty! In the unlikely event that your Swivler breaks we'll replace it!

This Swivler has multiple mounting options that depend on how you ride. It will fit on just about any board and fit any binding on the market today, if for some reason they don’t fit your gear up let us know. 

It is made of an engineered polymer, stainless steel and aluminum we won’t let a Swivler out the door we wouldn’t ride ourselves. They come with all the mounting hardware, mounting instructions, the tether and a .003uhmw washer to protect your board from being scuffed if needed.

Swivler Adult
234 mm


Swivler Jr.
209 mm


What people are saying:

"Good morning! I went up snowboarding at Snoqualmie yesterday and tried my new Swivler for the third time. I am very pleased and impressed with your product. ( I could have sold 6 of them last night.) My snowboard instructor thought it was "the bomb." I'm fairly certain that's a good thing ... The owner of the local ski/snowboard shop who set my board up for me was also very intrested in my feedback. I told him it is the best thing since sliced bread and he plans to start to carrying them next season. 

The best part is definitely when I'm standing in the lift line. No more awkward pushing along. 
Like I said, could have sold 6 last night alone."

Mark Vanderveen
Shoreline, Washington

"As I approach fifty years of age and enjoy my third season of snowboarding, I have come to realize that even the smallest trick to make things easier is much appreciated. Using the swivler has been exactly this: one small, unobtrusive device to take just a little pain out of twisting my leading knee when skating, walking in lift lines and riding up the lifts. It is truly a moment of relief upon reaching the bottom of the slope when I pull on the strap and allow my leg to rotate into a neutral position! It has worked flawlessly during the last month and is something my two daughters are dying to own for themselves. My almost son-in-law, who received a Swivler as a Christmas gift this year, and who is an experienced snowboarder and works in a local snowboard shop, shares my appreciation for the quality construction and great benefits of this device. If you're on the edge and contemplating purchasing one of these, you will have no regrets!"

Jon Wahrenberger, MD
Hanover, NH 

"I am a longtime rider, over ten consecutive seasons on a snowboard and a skier since I was 7 yrs old! Now 41, I can appreciate ANY help making the boarding fundamentals, like lift line waiting EASY! I took a sample swivler with me this last season, to the local mountains in Arizona and onto my big trip to Italy and France! The swivler worked FANTASTIC! I was tackled every time I scooted "Skater Style" though the lift areas, the Ero's beggin me to know what was under my right binding! So Rick, my hat er helmet is off to you and my Swivler unit! Thanks for the easy knee and the fun times on the hill, oh yes, I almost forgot, oh yes, 
I almost forgot, I bet a case of sudz against my assistant manager, who was a pro downhill and freeride racer in her day, that I could beat her in a race across the Sunrize AZ lift/base area. Guess who was drinking imports! ME! 

Swivler ROCKS! and your leading knee will love you over n over n over!"

Mark Carrera
Shop Manager
Veteran Snowboarder, recreational expert class

"Hi, my name is Dave Rosen and I have been riding your swivler for 1 year its great. I have been snowboarding for the past 10 years and currently ride Mt. Bachelor . Last season when I started to ride the Swivler, I didnt think of using it for the lift line but, just a way to do more tricks. I would come up to a jump in the park with one foot straped in and the other unstraped, once i got into the air i would turn my board in a 360 while my body stays still and doesn't move. Last year I tried it in a competition but didn't land it, however I did get mad props for trying such a trick, you also get lots of looks from other people cause they have never seen such a thing before. This is a very difficult trick and can cause serious injury unless you have alot of experience this should not be attempted but if you do, be careful it's a rush. 
By the way I vote for a pink one."

Dave Rosen
Pro Snowboarder 
Bend, Oregon

"I am so stoked for having a swivler because my knees and ankles don't hurt any more from standing all tweaked out in the left lines and on the lift. also it makes catwalks alot more bearable because you can switch to skater style and you don't get off balance and makes cruzing more fun its a great accessory for any snowboard."

from Northern New Mexico 

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