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Plyoball Baseball Systems
Work with Tom House in his Plyoball workout video for pitchers and hitters!

Tom House's Medicine Ball System
Combinations of Medicine Balls and the Tom House Video give you the recipe for pitching success.  Plyoball Medicine ball Baseball Systems will help you improve your pitching and hitting with professional level workouts - check them out here.

Books by Tom House

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More Exercise Books

A great instructional book for beginner or advanced pitchers.  Contains in-depth information on grip, throwing, stretching, exercising, and the mental aspect of pitching.  Tom House has worked with Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, and on and on, and he drops 20 years of knowledge into this book.

The Pitching Edge
$17.95 You Save: $2.00
Price:   US$15.95 

Using 21st century science, information, and technology, noted author, researcher, and former MLB pitcher and coach Tom House answers the question “What is a good pitching delivery?” In this amazing resource, House and co-author Paul Reddick address conventional wisdom and misinformation of pitching, present the “five absolutes” of pitching a baseball, and present detailed deliveries (including extraordinary photographic analysis) of the 25 best pitchers of the recent past, present, and future. House and Reddick also show how the five absolutes work for each pitcher—despite their stylistic differences. Over 125 photographs and illustrations. By Tom House and Paul Reddick. 76 pages. Copyright 2003. 

The Picture Perfect Pitcher
Price:   US$17.95 

Tom House Videos

Tom House Complete 3 Video Set
(Cross Specific, Functional Strength, Mental Aspects)
Save $10!
Price:   US$109.95 

Tom House Cross specific Skills & Drills for Pitchers
Price:   US$39.95 


A detailed overview of how (and why) pitchers can work on the efficiency of their pitching skills. This video presents a series of drills done by the top pitchers today to perfect their pitches - fastballs, breaking balls, split fingers, and change-ups.
Tom House Functional Strength Training for Pitchers
Price:   US$39.95 


Why is it not an individual's absolute strength important when pitching a baseball? What particular kind of strength is responsible for high velocity, and how can you train for it? This video gives you valuable knowledge on how to maximize your pitching velocity while minimizing your risk of arm trouble.
Tom House Mental & Emotional Aspects of Pitching
Price:   US$39.95


Don't be held back by bad attitudes and counterproductive thinking. Pitching success is 80% mental! Learn how to make your mind your most powerful weapon in your pitching arsenal.

Tom House Functional Rehab for Pitchers
Price:   US$39.95 


A comprehensive overview of how a pitcher can recover from the complete spectrum of injuries, from minor wear and tear to major surgical procedures. In easy-to-understand detail, the video discusses the most current advancement in sports medicine that can not only improve a pitchers’ efforts to rehab from an injury, but also decrease his chances of being injured in the first place. Covers proper strength training protocols, how to utilize your own body weight to build strength, how to recognize inefficient mechanics, the most common causes of injury and how to avoid them, mental toughness for rehab, nutritional supplements to aid in recover time, and more. From former MLB player and noted author Tom House and coach and lecturer Paul Reddick. 90 minutes. Copyright 2003. 
Tom House Cross Specific Medicine Ball Baseball Training

Price:   US$29.95 


Come work out with baseball coaching legend Tom House, PhD.  Big game pitchers Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Rob Nen, Randy Johnson all learned from Tom and continually work with him.  Listen as he takes you through his insights on pitching and hitting mechanics.  Watch Tom as he identifies your weaknesses and prescribes 9 medicine ball exercises.  After working out with Tom House and the Plyoball, you will be a mechanically invincible player.

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