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Toss N Chip

Fling your Toss N Chip and watch it easily glide to a chipping spot!

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toss n chip

Toss N Chip is an excellent way to improve your short game. Imagine-no more wasted time to pick up your practice balls. Just Toss N Chip. This will not only improve your hand/eye coordination on your short shots but allow you to do it in a shorter period of time. Just Toss N Chip. No more walking back and forth to your hitting area, time and time again. The feel for the short game and your chipping progress will improve dramatically in half the time. Just Toss N Chip. PLUS it is GREAT FUN.

Toss N Chip was designed to allow more repetition to improve short game skills. It eliminates the need to set up targets or shag balls. A golfer needs only to toss the disc, chip to it, then toss it again.

toss n chip 2

Toss N Chip

U.S. $12.95


Toss N Chip + Grip Coach Combo
Grip CoachGrip Coach
see details on Grip Coach

It's easy... Just Toss n Chip!
1. Fling your Toss N Chip and watch it easily glide to a chipping spot.
2. Practice chipping to your Toss N Chip target
3. Walk over to your Toss N Chip and toss it to another target spot


"The Toss N Chip practice aid is the easiest I've ever used. The concept is simple. Any device that is this easy to use and promotes practice has got to be recommended."

Jon Burnside Harrison, Arizona

"Toss N Chip allows more practice in less time, and its mobility allows you to practice wherever you want, as well as provide a more varied selection of shots."

Dick Stearns Savannah, Georgia

"Toss N Chip is fantastic. You can chip and pitch twice the number of balls in the same time as a shag bag and a chipping net, at 1/3 the cost. Practice any distance you want. Saves time and money, I highly recommend it."

Blair Bullock Lansing, Michigan

"As a former PGA Golf Professional, this is one of the most effective training tools I have seen in a long time. Enjoy it with your friends and you can have some friendly competition. Just Toss N Chip."

Robert Dine Oldsmar, Florida

"I'm a beginner golfer and my chip shot is the weakest part of my game thus far. I bought this Toss N Chip because I did not like the idea of lugging a practice / chipping net, having to set it up, walk a distance from it, chip to it, walk back to it again, pick up the balls move the net, walk back to another spot to chip from and do that routine over and over. This Toss N Chip is a great... no nets to set up and all I do is toss it Frisbee-like to a target spot, chip to it, and toss it to a new spot. Chipping nets are a chore, Toss N Chip is fast and easy and was about 1/3 the cost of what I was going to spend on a chipping net."

Sherry Lynn Seminole, Florida


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