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How to Become a Better Athlete
"Discover the 7 secrets of improving athleticism for youth football players!"
Duane Carlisle CSCS, CPT - San Francisco 49er's Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, 2005-Present
Former Philadelphia Eagles Speed Consultant, 2000-2004

Duane Carlisle's
(Item # DCDVDFB)

"I wish I would have started training for speed and athleticism when I was playing youth football as opposed to starting with Coach Carlisle right after I graduated from college. I believe that I would have been that much better of a player." 
-Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles, Pro Bowl player

Dear Parent's, Coaches, Trainers, and Athletes: 
  • If you'd like to develop jaw dropping moves, an explosive burst and the ability to start and stop on a dime, then this is the DVD for you!
  • 2 DVD set with over 100 Football Specific Drills!
In this 2 DVD set, Duane Carlisle reveals his proven and effective method for developing athleticism - explosion, coordination, reaction time, and lateral foot quickness - for football players. With this DVD, your athletes will improve first-step quickness, acceleration, change of direction ability, balance, and lateral movement while using a football.

Coach Carlisle has unique coaching techniques that have helped football players - youth through professional - become better athletes. In this DVD set, Coach Carlisle takes you step-by-step through his training program to provide you with the key fundamental movement techniques necessary to build an athletic foundation for an entire playing career.

Three Reasons To Believe in Duane Carlisle, Nationally Renowned Sports Performance Expert

Reason one: In 1995, Coach Carlisle was the first Sports Performance Professional in the Philadelphia region to operate a year round training facility named Lightning Fast Training Systems, LLC, geared toward maximizing performance in the area of speed, quickness, and power development for athletes youth through professional. 

Reason two: Coach Carlisle has been employed by 5 Professional Sports Teams in 4 different sports including his current position as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers. 

Reason three: At Coach Carlisle's Lightning Fast Training Centers, over 10,000 youth level athletes have benefitted from his cutting-edge training system producing over 500 Division 1 scholarships in over 14 different sports. 

Duane Carlisle is the best at what he does. Let him help you become the best at what you do.

When you are training to be stronger, fast, quicker - a champion - nothing but the best will do. Carlisle, the president and founder of Lightning Fast has spent 13 years pushing athletes of all ages to perform to the maximum potential, regardless of their sport. He is constantly striving to improve his training methods and is always looking for new ways to give athletes the competitive edge they need to succeed. 
Coach Carlisle has helped over 500 high school athletes earn Division I scholarships and has helped countless college football players improve their draft position for the NFL. Carlisle is the Assisant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers as well as the Larenceville Prep's Team Training Coordinator. He will help YOU take your game to the next level, regardless of your age or sport.  

  • It is Carlisle who began training college athletes for the NFL Draft Combine before it became popular nationwide. 
  • It is Carlisle who created training videos that enable parents to teach their children proper running mechanics, allowing them to be the fastest, quickest and most agile they can be at an early age. 
  • It is Carlisle who is the Assisant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers. Has served as the Speed Development Coordinator with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2000) and the Speed Development Consultant for the defending NFC East Champion Philadelphia Eagles(2000-2004). Carlisle is also the former Head Speed, Strength and Conditioning Coach (2001-2003) fir the Philadelphia Charge of the Women's United Soccer Association and the Speed, Strength and Conditioning Consultant for the Major League Lacrosse's New Jersey Pride(2001-2003). 
  • It is Carlisle who has worked with over 10,000 athletes of all ages, from professional to youth levels. 
  • It is Carlisle who has been selected as a speaker for the nationally acclaimed Perform Better One Day, Learn-By-Doing Funcational Training Seminars.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive for the 2-DVD set:

Coach Carlisle shows you his 100 most effective drills to enhance speed 
Provides you with a blue print to get athletes from point A to point B, in the most time efficient manner. 

The DVD provides you with 120 minutes of cutting-edge material. 
Coach Carlisle covers every area of movement, ranging from developing first-step quickness to quick change of direction. 

Most drills are performed while using a football in hand. 
Ensures a higher level of transferability to the playing field. 

Coach Carlisle teaches you how to identify common incorrect movement flaws. 
In order to fix something you have to be able to identify what the problems is, Carlisle reveals his proven and effective coaching cues which help youth athletes fix internally fix their movement efficiency errors. 

It's the most comprehensive DVD for developing athleticism on the market today! 
The "How to Become a Better Athlete for Youth Football Players" contains 10 chapters including; Dynamic Warm-up, Running Mechanics, Acceleration, Cone Drills, Body Weight Exercises, Small Area Quickness Drills, Active Dynamic Stretching , Lateral Foot Quickness Drills to name a few 

Teaches coaches and parents how to effectively train their athlete to become a better athlete. 
Helps coaches maximize their time, by having a proven and effective blue print to follow. 

There is a special running mechanics section for 6-8 year olds. 
Coach Carlisle shows you his most successful coaching method for improving 6-8 year olds arm action and foot strike. 

The material is applicable to elementary, middle and high school athletes 
The "How to Become a Better Athlete..." is a coaching source which will help player's improve performance from 6-18 years of age. 

Coach Carlisle unlocks the secrets to improving athletic potential. 
Have you ever heard the saying" Great athletes aren't born they're made! Well, Coach Carlisle leaves no stone uncovered when revealing how to improve small area quickness, to how quickly stop and explosively change direction in this DVD. 

Coach Carlisle show you how to incorporate speed training into your warm-up. 
Most coaches have a lot of football to teach and too little time to address speed training, Coach Carlisle shows you how to incorporate speed training right into your warm-up. The end result, is a faster team with less injuries. 

This DVD shows athletes how to stop properly. 
Did you know most injuries occur when an athlete is stopping? Coach Carlisle shows your athletes the most effective way to stop thereby increasing the ability to reaccelerate and minimize the risk of injury.

Duane Carlisle's
(Item # DCDVDFB)

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I have used many different speed training systems in the past, simply put, the "How to Become a Better Athlete" DVD is by far the best 
-Performance Coach

I've been coaching youth football for years and I've been ding the same old things. Duane's video helped bring me up to speed with the different techniques out there that can educate me about how to help my player's. 

"Duane has trained my kids for years and they have improved every year and I never knew how he did it. Well after purchasing his video, I not only know what he did with them to get them faster but how he did it with them. I now feel confident enough to train them." 

"I heard Duane speak at a clinic and was really impressed by his philosophy on how to build athleticism so I purchased his DVD. When I watch the DVD, I felt like he was giving me a one-on-one session on how to coach speed". 
-Speed Coach

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