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Vasa Trainer

Over 200 Exercises Using Your Own Body Weight!

What is the Vasa Trainer?
The Vasa Trainer is a versatile exercise machine that provides an elegantly simple, time efficient and motivational approach to functional sports & fitness training. Regular use of the Vasa Trainer dramatically improves sports-specific performance, muscular strength, power, speed, endurance, balance, coordination and core stability.

How does the Vasa Trainer work?
The Vasa Trainer uses your own body weight as resistance, which is one of the safest, smoothest and most natural forms of exercise available. By raising your body up a variable incline against gravity, the Vasa Trainer utilizes your body weight to increase strength and fitness. 

Getting started is simple. Sit, kneel or lie on the padded bench and pull on the handles attached to the pulley cable mounted to the front of the Vasa Trainer. The seat carriage has four durable Delrin rollers with bearings, which provide an extremely smooth rolling action along the monorail. Once you complete the exercise's range of motion, use your muscles to slowly and safely lower your body weight down the inclined monorail. This engages the eccentric or "negative" muscle contractions, scientifically proven to dramatically increase strength. 

Training with the Vasa Trainer allows a wide range of resistance options, progressing from near zero resistance for range of motion exercises to maximally challenging for strength building. There are 6 ways to adjust the resistance and the function of your workouts.

Here are just a few of the advantages of the Vasa Trainer:
  • The Vasa Trainer provides a time-efficient workout. In less than 20 minutes, you can get a great total body workout. 
  • It allows you to exercise using a complete range of motion, which strengthens all the primary and secondary support muscles. This also promotes flexibility in your muscles and joints and helps prevent injury as you gain strength. 
  • The Vasa Trainer simulates the movements made in sports, fitness and everyday-life activities. Often referred to as functional training, it’s the best way to improve athletic performance and to achieve impressive fitness results. 
  • It’s an extremely versatile machine that can be used by people of all ages, fitness levels and sporting interests. 
  • The wide range of resistance settings enables you to exercise as hard or as easily as you wish.

Who Uses the Vasa Trainer? 
Anyone can benefit from using the Vasa Trainer, regardless of age, ability, fitness level or sport interest. The Vasa Trainer will provide just the right combination of resistance options and functional exercises to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals.

The Vasa Trainer offers a simple, fast and fun approach to fitness and sports training. It enhances general fitness and athletic performance because using it increases functional strength, aerobic endurance, power, speed, balance, stability and flexibility. Its versatility is one reason the Vasa Trainer is so widely used by sports conditioning professionals, serious athletes, and families who want to get results.


Over 200 Exercises

The Vasa Trainer is the complete athlete’s gym. With over 200 high quality functional exercises that simulate movements performed in athletics, the Vasa Trainer will increase your strength, endurance, vertical leap, explosive power, speed, balance and stability.

The Vasa Pro SE
Shipping Included
Vasa Trainer Pro SE
Premium Stainless Steel model designed for all environments.
Rustproof Stainless Steel frame, monorail and hardware make the Pro SE your best choice for hard wet environments. Includes Pro tapered anatomic bench, pull-up strap bar, modular handles and paddles, pulley cable system, and 3 stretch cords. More Comparison Below.
The Vasa Pro
Shipping Included
Vasa Trainer Pro
Deluxe model designed for moderately harsh environments.
Stainless Steel monorail, telescope tube and hardware. Epoxy painted steel frame. Can be used in moderate environments. Includes Pro tapered anatomic bench, pull-up strap bar, modular handles and paddles, pulley cable system, and 3 stretch cords. More Comparison Below.


Weight Bracket
Includes: Bracket, stainless steel barbell, spring clip collars and hardware

Note: Weights not included. Uses standard free weights with 1" center hole.

Uses: The weight bracket allows you to add standard free-weight plates to the Vasa Trainer. You can add up to 50 lbs. of weight to increase the resistance load, making the exercise harder. 


Bicep Curl Bar
Includes: Curl bar and snaphook to attach pulley cable system or webbing straps.

Uses: This accessory is an alternative to using the handles for exercises like biceps curls, lat rows and starboard sweep. The curl bar is made with round tubing.


Ankle Straps
Uses: Ankle straps allow you to attach your legs to the webbing straps and pulley cable on the Vasa Trainer. There are several exercises you can do with the ankle straps, including breastroke kick, lower ab pulls, leg extensions, hip adduction/abduction and hip flexion / extension. 

Foot Platform
Use the new Foot Platform accessory to perform more than a dozen exercises for sports-specific strength and total-body fitness. Great for developing vertical leap for all sports and powerful starts and turns for swimmers. Made of rugged steel and coated with durable epoxy paint. It's easy to handle and detaches quickly when not in use.

Vasa Cords
Uses: Power cords provide significantly more resistance than the stretch cords that come with your Vasa Trainer. They are also designed to engage sooner, thereby providing resistance for more of the stroke. 

Their best uses are for developing power in your stroke, for leg push off exercises, and for increasing resistance while doing continuous freestyle with the pulley cable. Click on Add to Cart to select your resistance.


Pull-Up Bar
Includes: Pull-up bar, 2 rubber grips

Uses: The pull-up strap bar is a useful upgrade. It is 8 inches wider than the standard square strap bar and provides a variable grip for pull-ups, chin-ups and super ab crunches. The pull-up bar is made of round tubing and comes with rubber hand grips for more comfort. 

 $50 Epoxy Coated
$75 Stainless Steel

A Comparison

Pro SE
Premium Model
Deluxe Model
Best uses Best value for ALL uses and environments. This is our top-of-the-line Vasa Trainer. Excellent value for club, team or home use and moderately harsh environments.
Warranty Frame: Lifetime
Parts: One Year
Frame: Lifetime
Parts: One Year
Trial Period 90 day trial 90 day trial
monorail stainless steel stainless steel
frame stainless steel epoxy-coated steel
adjustment tube stainless steel with 15 numbered height settings  stainless steel with 15 numbered height settings
strap bar pull-up strap bar standard square bar (can be upgraded)
padded bench Pro anatomic tapered bench Pro anatomic tapered bench
stretch cords 3 stretch cords 3 stretch cords
pulley cable system and webbing straps included included
handles and paddles 1 pair of each included  1 pair of each included 
Training Video VHS included
(DVD optional)
VHS included
(DVD optional)
optional accessories weight bracket
power cords
ankle straps
foot platform
curl bar
pull-up bar
weight bracket
power cords
ankle straps
foot platform 
curl bar
Assembled Dimensions: Length: 7'7"
Width: 2'
Height: 2'5"
Length: 7'7"
Width: 2'
Height: 2'5"
Folded Dimensions: Length: 7'7"
Width: 2'
Height: 13"
Length: 7'7"
Width: 2'
Height: 13"
Incline Angle: 9.1 degrees 
to 18.6 degrees
9.1 degrees 
to 18.6 degrees

Top 10 Reasons to Use the VASA TRAINER


Functional strength equals better performance.
The Vasa Trainer provides over 200 total-body, multi-plane functional exercises and protocols that will dramatically improve your performance in your favorite sports. In just three, 15 to 30 minute sessions per week, you will rapidly increase strength while using your own body weight as resistance. There is a Vasa Trainer strength routine for every part of your body, including the abdominal, arm, back, chest, legs and shoulder muscles. It’s the complete exercise machine. Like thousands of satisfied customers, you’ll quickly discover the Vasa Trainer’s versatile benefits.

Maximize your endurance.
Vasa Trainer workouts will also maximize your endurance for swimming, surf paddling, cross-country skiing and many other sports. Swimmers, triathletes and surfers use it to stay fit when they can’t get to the water. Those with general fitness goals will enjoy the Cardio-pull exercise, which works the arms, abdominals and legs simultaneously to produce total body cardio-endurance. It’s also a proven method for conditioning while recovering from an injury. 


The Vasa Trainer provides all the aspects of athletic conditioning and fitness – sports-specificity, functional strength, cardio endurance, power, speed, flexibility, injury prevention and rehab – on one machine. It is a fresh, effective alternative to using multiple weight machines, free weights, stretching devices and cardiovascular equipment. 

The Vasa Trainer offers more than 200 functional exercises. You can meet your specific needs by selecting the right exercises to help you reach your goals. The Vasa Trainer exercises work every major muscle group of the body. Adjusting resistance is fast and the transitions between exercises are smooth, which save time and make every workout more enjoyable.

The Vasa Trainer is cost effective to own because it “does more for less”, allowing you to do the right training, on your own schedule at the best value. Plus, the Vasa Trainer is so well made that it’s likely to last a lifetime and more. 

Space efficient and light enough to move around without effort, the Vasa Trainer folds up easily into a compact unit for simple storage or transport.

The Vasa Trainer will accommodate your ever-changing needs. Best of all, it works really well for all ages, abilities and fitness levels, making it a true value for a lifetime of enjoyable use.


The Vasa Trainer is the complete athlete’s gym. With over 200 high quality functional exercises that simulate movements performed in athletics, the Vasa Trainer will increase your strength, endurance, vertical leap, explosive power, speed, balance and stability. Link to all 200+ exercises 


The Vasa Trainer uses sports-specific training to maximize performance for athletes, physical therapy patients and people training to get in better shape. This is the first step to being able to go faster, stronger, and longer. By simulating the movements required in each sport, the Vasa Trainer stimulates muscle memory. The result is better technique, greater strength and improved endurance. 

The following is a partial list of the Vasa Trainer sports-specific exercises available for strength, endurance or rehabilitation:

Swimming – freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke, starts and turns, internal and external rotators for swimmer’s shoulder
Surfing – prone freestyle paddling, kneeling paddle strokes, core and leg exercises for balance and coordination
Triathlon – freestyle swimming, leg plyometrics for running and cycling
Nordic skiing – single poling, double poling, leg squats and skate lunges
Alpine skiing – leg squats, lunges and leg plyometrics and lunges
Rowing – starboard sweep, seated rowing, leg plyometrics
Tennis – forehand, backhand, torso twist, leg squats and lunges
Kayaking – kayak stroke, torso twist, leg squats
Golf – torso twist, shoulder raises, leg squats, core and upper body strength
All-Around Athletes – leg squats, lunges and plyometrics for increase vertical leap, power and speed, core strength and upper body strength


The Vasa Trainer allows you to train where and whenever you want, at your convenience. No more hassles getting to the gym, pool or beach. No more wasted time sitting in traffic. Discover the joys of this fun, effective and efficient training tool at home on your own schedule.

In only 15 to 30 minutes a day, you can gain superior strength and power-building results with the Vasa Trainer. And you can develop real endurance with 15-30 minute aerobic workouts. It’s easy to stay with a training plan when your gym is in your own home. Plus, owning the Vasa Trainer saves you money. It has everything you need to improve your athletic performance and technique, so there’s no need for expensive gym memberships, exercise videos or personal trainers.


We are proud that every Vasa Trainer is custom-built in Vermont with the ingenuity, attention to detail, and integrity for which Vermonters are known throughout the world. All Vasa Trainers are made with rugged steel construction and long-lasting materials to withstand a lifetime of repetitive use - guaranteed. 

Designed to stand up to heavy use from Olympic swim teams and training facilities, the Vasa Trainer will perform reliably for as long as you own it. All models provide the same training opportunities, and there is a model just right for every environment and application.

You’ll be impressed with the superb quality of the machine, including its comfortable ergonomic features, easy adjustability, quiet performance, and rugged, durable materials. The Vasa Trainer truly is one of the highest quality exercise machines available today. 


The Vasa Trainer is easy and fun to use for all ages and abilities - from children to senior citizens to those undergoing physical therapy and finely-tuned world-class athletes. The Vasa Trainer’s user friendly design is sturdy and stable. Plus, it’s quick and easy to transition from one exercise to the next. 

Adults and children alike love the smooth motion of the Vasa Trainer. Surfers and swimmers enjoy the easy-glide sensation that’s reminiscent of the motion of paddling a surfboard or swimming laps in a pool. Unlike other machines that lock you into limited range of motion and use cumbersome stacks of weights, the Vasa Trainer provides unlimited range of motion to build functional strength and flexibility for a wide range of specific sports and daily activities. With the Vasa Trainer, you glide smoothly along the inclined monorail by pulling your own body weight using the pulley cable system or webbing straps.

The Vasa Trainer is a great way to introduce children to exercise. Kids love the motion, and it’s safe for all ages. Athletes and recreational exercisers in your family will enjoy using the Vasa Trainer for total body fitness. Some even use the Vasa Trainer to teach proper swimming to children. Imagine an exciting Vasa Trainer workout on a cold January evening — without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Since most of the exercises on the Vasa Trainer so closely resemble specific sports movements and functional training, it’s easy to get on and begin using it correctly right away. Just follow the photographs in the Exercise Handbook or watch our free promotional video to learn proper technique and safe movements. Choose from one of the sports training circuits or endurance workouts illustrated in the Exercise Handbook. Or create your own program to achieve your goals. Get seriously fit in only 15-30 minutes a day, three times per week!


The Vasa Trainer's wide range of resistance levels and selection of over 200 exercises allows you to progress at your own pace –as gradually or quickly as you choose.

It’s easy to create a comprehensive exercise program that meets your individual needs. Or you can choose from our suggested circuit training exercises to get a full body workout. Whether you want to strengthen and improve your swim stroke technique, increase your surf paddling stamina or simply maintain your athletic strength and endurance, Vasa Trainer delivers a total body workout that will help you reach your goals. 

You may increase strength, flexibility and endurance sooner than you expect. As you watch your body composition change, you will experience increased energy, and find that your daily activities become easier and more enjoyable. 


All Vasa Trainers are guaranteed for life, no questions asked. Our 90-day trial allows you to fully test your new Vasa Trainer to be completely certain it’s right for you. In a few days, you’ll quickly discover the many benefits of training with Vasa. Along with our commitment to superior equipment is our dedication to your satisfaction. We know that legendary service is a fundamental building block for establishing a long-term relationship with every Vasa customer. It’s our mission to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products and service. 


Exercising with the Vasa Trainer on a regular basis will fulfill the recommended requirements for functional strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. It exercises and strengthens upper and lower body with smooth, rhythmic, and impact free motions. The wide range of motion with every exercise promotes flexibility in muscles and joints.

Plus, the wide range of resistance options allows you to exercise as easily or as hard as you wish. The Vasa Trainer can be used by people of all ages, fitness levels and sports interests. Many families and health clubs have discovered that the Vasa Trainer accommodates nearly every members needs in one way or another.

The Vasa Trainer exercises all of your major muscle groups: arms, abdominals, back, buttocks, chest, legs and shoulders. It exercises the muscles through a wider range of motion than most exercise machines. This means that your muscles stretch and joints rotate more to promote mobility and flexibility. The exercises are more satisfying because you have a sense of motion as the bench glides along the monorail.

Circuit training and endurance exercise is great for cardiovascular benefits and burns a lot of calories, too. Recent research showed that you would burn calories equal to or faster than swimming laps.

The Vasa Trainer offers diverse opportunities for diverse needs. It can be used for sports-specific training for swimming, surfing, skiing and other sports. It can be used for muscle building strength workouts or muscle toning and stretching routines. The Vasa Trainer can be a Physical therapist’s tool for rehabilitation. It can be an endurance building, cardio pumping machine. Whatever your needs, the Vasa Trainer has the versatility to provide just the right exercise and resistance to help you achieve your goals.

The Vasa Trainer provides a time-efficient workout. In as little as 15 to 30 minutes a day, 3 days per week, you can get a great workout that offers all of the features listed above. Most important of all, you will find the Vasa Trainer to be satisfying and enjoyable because it provides a balance of fitness benefits that will last a lifetime.

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