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Volleyball Trainers

The Pass Rite and the Volleyball Pal - Solo Bump and Serve training tools!

Pass Rite
The Pass Rite

The Pass Rite is an easy to use training tool that utilizes a durable elastic band that attaches to the passer’s wrists and ankles preventing excessive upward arm movement. The small, lightweight Velcro wrist cuffs were designed to minimize ball contact interference. The elastic band is adjustable to accommodate any passer’s height. 

The Pass Rite
Price:   US $22.95

Volleyball Pal
The Volleyball Pal

The Volleyball Pal is a useful device that allows for hours of practice without the need of another person. It consists of a Velcro strap that secures around the waist, a neoprene pouch that holds the Volleyball, and an elastic cord connecting the waist strap to the ball pouch. The smooth action of the elastic cord guides the ball back to the player every time. Use the Volleyball Pal to practice serving tosses or arm swing technique without ever having to chase a ball! 

The Volleyball Pal
Price:   US $19.95

The Volleyball Trainers
Pass Rite + Volleyball Pal
Save $3

Price:   US $39.95

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