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ProBodx by Marv Marinovich
Incorporates Wobble Boards into a Pro Level workout!


Stay in the game! Developing propriocepter reaction and ankle strength is key to decreasing the chances of turning an ankle. Athletes should be able to maintain balance on the wobble boards and rocker boards for at least 30 seconds. To increase difficulty athletes should try passing medicine balls back and forth. 

Progressive levels of difficulty available with deluxe models.

Research has proven that regular use of a wobble board can help prevent ankle twists and sprains by strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower leg while improving balance, stability and increasing R.O.M. (range of motion). Daily use of this simple and fun training device will pay great dividends down the road and is an invaluable tools in rehabbing ankle injuries. Balance board training can dramatically improve the strength and coordination of all the key muscles involved in running. This should help you avoid injuries - and make you a considerably more powerful runner”. 
Running Research News, Vol.14, Vol. 10, Dec. 1998

Proper footwork is the basic for any game. Ankle and leg exercise is a must for every player. But muscles and joints tend to get stiff after hectic workouts. Wobble balance board is a revolutionary device that keeps the muscle flexibility at higher rates and reduces stiffness. These wobble boards have numerous benefits and they also improve stability and coordination, strengthen leg, ankle, knee muscles and ligaments, and prevent injuries. We have different versions of wobble boards like adjustable wobble broads, multi-balance board, double wobble board, etc. The adjustable wobble boards are available in varying diameters, and can be adjusted to different degrees. Exercising with a wobble balance board is fun and also truly advantageous. It also promotes faster running and keeps your lower limbs in a perfect shape. Our wobble boards are made from tough materials to withstand heavy weights and provide long-lasting performance. Buy our multi-axis platform system and experience new levels of balance and weight training. We also have balance pods and disc for faster rehabilitation and strengthening. At JumpUSA you can find a whole bunch of balance and agility training equipments like jumpsoles, plyoboxes, slide-boards and much more. Our pricing is the best in the market and the product quality is unmatchable.

Wobble Board
 18 degrees - BEGINNER
A great starter wobble board - 14" diameter.

(Item # WOBBLE)

 $29.95 for 1, $49.95 for 2
Wobble Board Adjustable
Adjustable with a screw tightened base - 16" diameter
Adjustable Wobble Board
Simply Screw the dome up or down to adjust the difficulty.
 U. S. $39.95 for 1, $59.95 for 2
15" Wooden Wobble Board Adjustable
Adjusts to 16, 20 and 23 degrees - ADVANCED

(Item # WBHQ15)
 U. S. $69.95

20" Wooden Wobble Board Adjustable
Adjusts to 13, 15 and 17 degrees - BEGINNER

(Item # WBHQ)
 U. S. $79.95
Multi Balance Board
Unique, 4 position fulcrum allows you to choose just the right workout all on the same board. For forward/back and left/right balance and strength training. 

Rotate the self-locking fulcrum to the level desired and it's ready to go, no pieces to lose or misplace. Adjusts from 15 degrees for the beginner up to 22 degrees with round over setting for more advanced users. Strong, birch plywood with non-skid top. Dimensions: 18" L x 18" W. Wt. 7 lbs 


 U. S. $99.95

Double Wobble Board
Two independent balancing pods with motion in both the vertical and horizontal planes, challenging YOU in a more natural manner, as may be encountered in real life situations. Improves your balance, proprioception and range of motion while building strength and stamina in the lower extremities. It greatly improves ankle stability and may be used in either a standing or seated position. Balance platforms are 12" in diameter and 14" apart with a high quality, non-slip grip surface. Instructions included. 
Double Wobble Board
 U. S. $89.95


Professional System
MAPS™(Multi-Axis Platform System) offers adjustable ROM and weight training to maximize lower body rehabilitation.

   Details on MAPS Professional System

(Item # MAPS)
 U. S. $499.95

Balance Discs and Balance Pods

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