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 The Wrist Roller

Strengthen the forearms, wrists, and fingers and improve grip!  This has been found to be the best exercise to work all these muscles for strength and tone while preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   You roll the weight up until it reaches the handle, then roll it back down slowly.  Feel the healthy burn that builds muscle and leaves you feeling great!

Use it with low weights to tone and high weights to strengthen and achieve bigger, more defined forearms.  Stronger forearms and wrists can provide extended range for basketball shooting and football throwing, or power for baseball hitting!

Wrist strain is common among sportspersons and also people who work at jobs that involve intensive wrist movement. Strong wrists are a must for sportspersons who play games like basketball, baseball, golf or tennis. The wrist roller at JumpUSA.com is the ideal exercise equipment for sportspersons who want to develop their wrists increase their range for basketball throwing or baseball hitting. The wrist roller consists of a handle which you can use to roll weights up and down for building wrist strength and grip. The wrist roller can be used with low weight to tone the forearms, and with heavier weights to strengthen the arms and build muscle. The unique design of the wrist roller ensures that you can easily add any weight to the roller, whether it is regular weight or Olympic. The wrist roller is also essential is preventing carpal tunnel syndrome which can affect people who work at computers for long hours. Wrist roller forearm exercises strengthen the carpal ligament and prevent the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome from occurring. The wrist roller is available at this store for affordable prices and you can buy these with 7.5 lbs weight or without weight if you want to use your own weights with the roller.

More benefits of this exercise: 
Throw balls harder and with more spin, Catch balls better, More spin, power and accuracy on Tennis and Golf swings, Better grip for Wrestlers and Martial Artists, and Reduced chance injury to hands and wrists!

  • Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (see below)
  • Instructions included
  • Unique design makes it easy to take off or put on any weights - Olympic or regular.
  • Sleek new design ensures no splinters
  • The Wrist Roller
    with 7.5 lbs of weight
    (Item # WRISTSET)

    2.5 lbs weight and 5 lbs. weight allows 2.5, 5, 7.5 lbs gradual increase
    The Wrist Roller
    without weights
    (Item # WRISRLLR)

    What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS)?  You may have it or know someone that does.   Do you use the computer a lot?  Do you feel discomfort in your wrists?  Don't let it progress!  Exercise those muscles to prevent CTS from developing any further!

    Progressive Symptoms: Cold, numbness, tingling, sharp pains in the forearm or wrist, shaking, even loss of function to the thumb or first fingers.

    Who is at risk?  Often people who are at the computer a lot - typing or moving the mouse for hours, playing musical instruments, working at cash registers, or filing papers.  Any repeated wrist movement over time can trigger it. 

    What do wrist rollers do?  Wrist rollers strengthen your arms and stretch the carpal ligament.   You can help your problem or prevent it from occuring in the first place.


    Because of the increase of computer usage and internet commerce, Carpal Tunnel Sydrome is becoming a growing concern.  Here's a quick and easy way to test to see if you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    Bend your arms at a 90 degree angle and hold your hands straight out so your fingers and thumbs are almost touching.  Hold this for 60 seconds.

    (if somebody sees you, tell them to do it too to alleviate the embarrassment of  your position!)

    • If you feel throbbing, numbing, discomfort, or heat or cold, you are showing symptoms and may have  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    • Do not fret!  Carpal Tunnel Sydrome can be controlled or prevented with one simple exercise!  Roll those wrists and worry no more!  Plus you'll have added forearm strength, finger strength, and grip strength for firmer handshakes.

    Experts say...
    "Swollen tendon sheaths compress the very sensitive median nerve against other wrist structures... this [wrist rolling] exercise alternates a strong flexion with a strong wrist extension, and this helps to stretch and strengthen the tendons that cross through the carpal tunnel... Another benefit is that exercise will increase the blood flow and temperature of the tissue around the tendons and median nerve.  Elevated temperature will make the transverse carpal tunnel more pliable and reduce pressure on the median nerve.  In addition, exercise-induced heat can block the pain-conducting properties of some nerve fibers."

    Steven Always, PhD, FASCM, Muscular Development, Sept 99 p. 169-171

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