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The Zipedo Rebounder

Create rebounding situations for extended rebounding drills!

The Zipedo Rebounder is a great training aid for developing rebounding skills and strategies.  The unique carrying stick allows you to put it on or take it off rapidly.  No ladder needed!

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  • Zipedo will allow you to coach rebounding drills better by preventing made shots.
  • Zipedo accurately portrays the rebound angle of a missed shot, allowing your team to learn proper rebound location and practice boxing out. 
  • Zipedo eliminates the use of a ladder for installation. 
  • Zipedo takes less than 10 seconds to install!
The Zipedo Rebounder
(Item # ZIPEDO)
 U.S. $159.95

The Zipedo Rebounder - set of 2
(Item # ZIPEDO2)
 U.S. $299.95

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