One of the BIGGEST PROBLEM areas in shooting a basketball is lifting the elbow HIGH enough to put the correct ARC on the shot. There are more shots missed because the ball is shot flat resulting in balls that hit the front of the rim. The Shooting Hoop is a great teaching tool in promoting your players shooting technique to LIFT THE BALL UP. Put your players in The HOOP and you will see instant improvement.

For the past two NCAA 
Finals, all of the final four
teams used the Hoop!

Get It Up Shooting Hoop
  • Adjustable in height to fit any size player - 5' 6" to 7' 2"
  • The hoop can be assembled and disassembled in approx 3 minutes.
  • The hoop is lightweight and easily transported
  • Great for practices, camps, and clinics
  • The Hoop is also used by High Schools, Colleges & NBA teams.
Get It Up
Shooting Hoop
(Item # GETITUP)
Price:  $129.95


"I used the hoop when I was with the LA Clippers and it definitely improved my shooting."

- Lamar Odom 

   "The past summer I observed Coach Hecker using the Hoop with the college players at the ADIDAS Superstar Camp and I think it is a great device to improve shooting."

- Coach Pete Newell 

"Our program used The Hoop and I definitely saw an improvement in our shooting technique and ability to shoot the basketball."

- Keith West, Head Coach
Highland High School, Utah
State 2002 4-A State Champions 

"We have used the shooting hoop at IMG Basketball Academy and have found it really develops shooting form."

- Joe Abundassar
Director IMG Academy 

About the inventor: Coach Barry Hecker has over thirty years experience in coaching and teaching basketball. He directed the Adrian Dantley shooting and skills camp in Las Vegas, Nevada for college players and has had great results in using the hoop. He is currently the Assistant Coach for the Memphis Grizzlies.