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Goalsetter Signature Series Captain In-Ground Basketball Hoop with 60 inch Backboard

Goalsetter Signature Series Captain In-Ground Basketball Hoop with 60 inch Backboard

Price: $2,899.00

Matching the MVP in appearance and strength the CAPTAIN gives you a mid-sized backboard option on a 6" square pole system and is an ideal choice for a serious player. Combine the ultimate ball response of a standard 38" x 60" Competition Tempered GLASS backboard with the 6" square off-set pole and 4' regulation play area and the CAPTAIN brings the indoor basketball experience to your backyard! Customize your Captain by choosing an Internal or External Height Adjustment Mechanism. (Adjustable from 6 10) You can also further customize your CAPTAIN System with a 3/8" Competition Tempered Glass or Fortified Acrylic Backboard.

Backboard Features
  • 38"h x 60"w
  • 3/8" Competition, fully-tempered Glass (Acrylic option available)
  • 1-1/2" Structural steel backboard H-Frame increases backboard stability.
  • Consistent ball bounce over entire backboard surface
  • Rounded corners and edges for safer play
  • Nylon bushings at each connection / pivot point
  • Choose from 5 different rim options
  • Made in USA
In-Ground Pole Assembly Features
  • 6" x 6" Square Pole
  • Adjustable from 6' to 10'
  • Off-set pole design minimizes shake, thus reducing wear and tear
  • One piece 7 gauge (3/16 thick) structural steel pole
  • Patented Internal height adjustment mechanism.
    • External and Fixed options also available
  • 4' extension from pole to front of backboard
  • Wide grip, one piece, die-formed extension arms with no welded joints avoids potential breakage and rust areas.
  • Easy to reach and turn crank at door knob height
  • Easy to read height indicator in 6" increments
  • Corrosion resistant primer (1 coat) and baked on acrylic enamel finish (2 coats) creates a high-gloss finish.
  • Welded pole end cap prevents water getting into pole.
  • Made in USA
Ground Anchor System Features
  • Buried 48" into the ground
  • Patented
  • Ground anchor hinge system superior to j-bolt system
  • Permits complete and easy assembly of goal without ladders and scaffolding
  • Allows goal system to move with you
  • Magni 577 coated hardware to resist corrosion
  • Made in USA
Height Adjustment Mechanism
  • Compression Mechanism vs Tension Mechanism
    • Compression = pushing "at rest"
    • Tension = pulling "under stress"
  • All Signature Series units are available with 3 height adjustment options
  • Internal Compression Jack - (Height Adjustment Range of 6' to 10')
    • Inside the pole
    • Protected from the elements
    • Crank is removable
    • Can be locked with Padlock (Optional Accessory)
  • External Compression Jack - (Height Adjustment Range of 6' to 10')
  • Fixed Stabilizer Bar - 10' Height Only


Glass or Acrylic Backboard : Glass
Acrylic (+$50)
Height Adjustment Mechanism : Internal Compression Jack
External Compression Jack (-$100)
Rim Selection : Single Ring Static Rim (1-yr Limited Warranty) (-$80)
Double Ring Static Rim (Lifetime Unconditional Warranty) (Same price as Heavy Duty Flex Rim)
Heavy Duty Flex Rim (2-yr Limited Warranty) (Already Included In Price)
Collegiate Breakaway Rim (Unconditional 1-yr Limited Warranty) (+$75)
Purchase Pad Lock : No
Yes (+$25)

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