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JUMPSOLES v5.0 Plyometrics Sprint Speed Vertical Leap & Vertical Jump Training System
JUMPSOLES v5.0 Plyometrics Sprint Speed Vertical Leap & Vertical Jump Training System



Jumpsoles v5.0 Vertical Leap Plyometric Platforms with MTP Targeting Features! 

Target your Toe Flexors and Eversion Muscles for MORE VERTICAL LEAP and better INJURY PREVENTION!

Jumpsoles are the world's most popular plyometrics frontal training platforms which attach to your own shoes. By training with Jumpsoles you will build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg. Jumpsoles will increase vertical leap and vertical jump 5 to 10 inches, and decrease time in the 40 yd dash by .2 seconds or your money back!  Comes complete with training manual and easy access DVD/CD-Rom.

Jumpsoles v5.0 Only
(with training manual and DVD/CD-Rom)
(Item 1001D)

Find out more about the Proprioceptor.
Jumpsoles v5.0 + Proprioceptor System
(Item 1001DPRO)
The Jumpsoles are upgradeable with the all new Proprioceptor System!  The Jumpsoles version 5.0 are specially designed to use this device which develops balance and agility while preventing injury. Supercharge your Jumpsoles results. Proprioceptor plugs screw into the bottom of your Jumpsoles allowing you to do wobble exercises that build up crucial jumping muscles in your ankles and feet. Added Hops: Stronger ankles and feet mean more energy returned into vertical leap & vertical jump. You can add up to 3 extra inches to your Jumpsoles vertical leap with Proprioceptors! Complete with training manual & video.
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Jumpsoles Systems
Specialized Packages to take your vertical jump to the next level and beyond!


The All NEW 5.0 targets your MTP Muscle Flexor (toe flexor muscles)
The Dual Holes allow you to specifically work two very important areas of your lower leg: 

1) BIG TOE - Specifically target your metatarsophalangeal (MTP) muscle flexor (toe flexor muscles) which can improve your sprinting and vertical jumping performance noticeably. Easily gain an extra inch!
2) OUTER ANKLE - A vast majority of ankle injuries occur to the outside of the ankle where ligaments tear. You can guard against this risk by strengthening your ankle eversion muscles which counteract inward roll.

Big names in Jumpsoles:The Brazilian World Cup Soccer team
and the NCAA Wisconsin Badgers.  Read their stories!

"wooo look at the white boy fly!"

MY friend and i each bought a pair of jumpsoles several months ago.  i have to admit i was a skeptic. my friend, being 6'1 and 19 years old, while i am only 5'5 ( the shortest male in my high school) and 16, failed repeated times to convince me to buy them.  he told me theyd make me dunk but i laughed and joked that he was 8 inches taller then me so he had a shot at jamming (which he later accomplished through jumpsoles, after years of being teased for his lack of hops) but not me.  i finally decided to try jumpsoles to help me jump higher for the more acrobatic moves in tae kwon do (i have been training for 6 years and have a black belt), never expecting much improvement and just hoping for an inch or two.  i decided to dedicate myself to following the program for a month and see where that got me.  i added jumpsoles to my martial arts training for that month, and  i was amazed at the results!  not only did my vertical jump increase by 5 inches, but my kicking power also increased, particularly my side kick. after 4½ months i gained a total of 14 inches on my vertical jump.   my acrobatics have drastically improved allowing me to pull off incredible aerial flips and kicks such as 720s and various backflip kicks.   now, i am still the shortest male in my (small) high school.... but also the only one that can dunk.  although my height hinders me to only open break dunks, im hoping, and expecting for more inches to come.  ive become a believer and would encourage anyone to try the jumpsoles vertical leap program and experience the same results. the feeling of getting that kind of air and seeing the expressions of my friends and onlookers is priceless (much more so then 80 bucks and a few hours of training).  in the words of a one guy i played against,  "wooo look at the white boy fly!" 

thanks jumpsoles!
         matt, the FORMER skeptic
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Small: Men's 5-7.5, Women's 6-8.5
Medium: Men's 8-10.5, Women's 9-12
Large: Men's 11-14
X-Large: Men's 14.5-20

Jumpsoles 5.0
Jumpsoles v5.0 Only (with plyometric training manual and DVD/CD-Rom)
(Item 1001D)
Jumpsoles 5.0
Jumpsoles v5.0 + Proprioceptor System 
for up to 3 inches extra in Added Hops!
(with both manuals and both DVD/CD-Roms)
(Item 1001DPRO)
For Specialization in Balance, Agility and Quickness:
Advanced Proprioceptor System
The Advanced Proprio Package: Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors + the Advanced Proprioceptor VideoCDRom (click for details)
(Item 1001DPROA)

Get Blazing Sprinting Speed in Addition to Your Vertical Jump -
The Jumpsoles Complex Sprinting Speed Training Program
Jumpsoles Complex
Jumpsoles Systems
Jumpsoles Complex + Advanced  Proprioceptor System
I. Jumpsoles v5.0
II. Jumpsoles Complex Sprinting Speed Training Program
   (with option to add random access CDROM)
(click for details)
III. Proprioceptor System
IV. Advanced Proprioceptor VideoCDRom
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Jumpsoles Systems
Specialized Packages to take your vertical leap to the next level and beyond!
Advanced Proprioceptor Multimedia VideoCDRom
Advanced Proprioception
For the advanced athlete! Join Marv Marinovich with brand new exercises that will expand your mind (and your calves)! If you thought the exercises included with the Proprioceptor were difficult, you’re in for the workout of your life.  Marv Marinovich is a trainer for professional athletes, and by the time you can do the exercises on this video, you’ll be as quick and strong as a pro!

BONUS! Includes Basic and Advanced sample workouts, tips on creating your own workout, all with easy navigation and instant access menu!

Advanced Proprioceptor Multimedia VideoCDRom

"I want to let you know how much success I've been having using the Jumpsoles. I've implemented Jumpsoles into my athletes' training for several years now, and the results have been tremendous. . . Combined with a thorough weight training and plyometric program, the Jumpsoles have helped my athletes make significant improvements in their vertical jumps."
Greg Werner, Director of Strength &  Conditioning, James Madison University

Creatine Try Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine. It's the perfect complement to Jumpsoles & Proprioceptor training for even greater vertical leap results! (recommended age 18 and over)
Slam Dunk
CreatineHeavy RopesPower Jumper
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Money Back Guarantee: Not 30 days, nor 90 days, but for 1 full year! You must be satisfied with your vertical jump and running speed improvement. If you are not satisfied, return your Jumpsoles and we'll promptly refund your money. Guaranteed one full year from the date of purchase!* back to top

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