Vertical Blastoff™

Effervescent Creatine

Rocket Fuel for Your Vertical
"In two months, with the help of Vertical Blastoff Effervescent Creatine and Jumpsoles ,
my bench press went from 145 to 265 and my vertical went up 5 inches.
All my friends are shocked! This is truly making me a better all around basketball player, Thanks a lot!"

- Jay Schillaci, McKeesport, PA



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Speed and Vertical Jump Systems


In just 30 days you will:
  • Feel a terrific rush of strength
  • Feel super pumped and work out longer
  • Gain weight that's all muscle mass, no fat
  • Gain an extra 2 inches with vertical jump training
  • Cut .2 seconds from your 40 yd dash
  • Recover from workouts faster

To jump higher and run faster, you need to build explosive power in your legs through the best exercise methods and the best muscle building nutritionals. Vertical Blastoff Effervescent Creatine is the next generation creatine bodybuilding nutritional supplement that's the first of its kind. Each serving of VBEC has an added 11 g of Dextrose, a sugar which spikes the anabolic hormone insulin to drive creatine into the muscles. Any other form of sugar is not nearly as effective. You get more endurance with strength than with any other creatine based product on the market. Many test subjects are gaining between 5-10 pounds of lean body mass in just 7 days! Bodybuilders using VBEC have reported gains of up to 30 pounds in muscle mass in only 8 weeks, combined with dramatic increases in strength and muscle hardness. See the awesome effects creatine can have on your muscles - and then on your hops!

Our specially formulated Effervescent Creatine dissolves in water to create a delicious, carbonated grape flavored drink.  Now you don't have to take it like medicine, but drink the most delicious Creatine drink on the market!

Creatine Questions & Answers

Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine 500 gm 
Grape Flavor


Now you can get 4 canisters of VBEC for $149.95!

Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine 
Grape Flavor
4 PACK - 2000gm

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