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"In my first month of using Jumpsoles I gained 10 inches. I just won a dunk contest with my new 360 degree DUNK. Thanks Jumpsoles!"
- M. Ohmit, Akron OH

"I Gained 13 inches. My first dunk was in a game and the crowd went crazy! PS I'm only 5'10"
- B. Regimand, Chicago IL

"I was able to grab rim with both hands but wasn't able to dunk. After completing a month of Jumpsoles I was able to grab my first dunk."
It's the best feeling in the world!"
- ajhoopin91

My entire team gained an average of 6 inches. I am truly amazed!
- Gary A. Benicia CA

I'm 5'7" and now dunk on a 10 ft goal. At first I didn't believe that someone could gain 5-10 inches in vertical but now I do believe it. My first dunk was at my cousin's house. We went up the street to the basketball court to have a jumping contest. He got close to the rim and challenged me to do better. Well, I took my jump -- and I dunked the ball having gotten up so high that my head was almost over the goal. Thanks Jumpsoles!
- Jay P. Roeland Park KS

"wooo look at the white boy fly!"

MY friend and i each bought a pair of jumpsoles several months ago.  i have to admit i was a skeptic. my friend, being 6'1 and 19 years old, while i am only 5'5 ( the shortest male in my high school) and 16, failed repeated times to convince me to buy them.  he told me theyd make me dunk but i laughed and joked that he was 8 inches taller then me so he had a shot at jamming (which he later accomplished through jumpsoles, after years of being teased for his lack of hops) but not me.  i finally decided to try jumpsoles to help me jump higher for the more acrobatic moves in tae kwon do (i have been training for 6 years and have a black belt), never expecting much improvement and just hoping for an inch or two.  i decided to dedicate myself to following the program for a month and see where that got me.  i added jumpsoles to my martial arts training for that month, and  i was amazed at the results!  not only did my vertical jump increase by 5 inches, but my kicking power also increased, particularly my side kick. after 4½ months i gained a total of 14 inches on my vertical jump.   my acrobatics have drastically improved allowing me to pull off incredible aerial flips and kicks such as 720s and various backflip kicks.   now, i am still the shortest male in my (small) high school.... but also the only one that can dunk.  although my height hinders me to only open break dunks, im hoping, and expecting for more inches to come.  ive become a believer and would encourage anyone to try the jumpsoles vertical leap program and experience the same results. the feeling of getting that kind of air and seeing the expressions of my friends and onlookers is priceless (much more so then 149 bucks and a few hours of training).  in the words of a one guy i played against,

"wooo look at the white boy fly!"
thanks jumpsoles!

         - matt, the FORMER skeptic
Stuck On the Ground? Skeptical? So Were They. Then an Aha moment...

"For so long I've heard of these things - Jumpsoles - the foolproof results, the dunks I see guys doing everywhere, the extra long guarantee ... Alright - OK, I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain." It's the realization that's led athlete after athlete to try Jumpsoles. And now are they ever glad they did
. It's led to scholarships. Pro contracts. Slam dunk bragging rights. 'Baller cred. Even just some newfound respect.
"the Jumpsoles worked like a charm. I'm 5'6" and the shortest guy on the court most times when I play pick-up games. I've always wanted to feel what it's like to dunk on 10 ft. Thanks to Jumpsoles I was able to experience that feeling. I was playing a game and i got a steal. I ran at full speed down the court. I had no intention of dunking it so I just went up for a layup. When I was in the air I noticed that the ball was over the rim and so was my hand. So I just threw it down. It felt awesome. My legs were shaking. Guys high fiving me all around. I couldn't have done it without these things.
- Rick M. Costa Mesa CA
The Secret is Out. It's Called Plyometrics.

Among athletes, coaches, and trainers, it's a consenus. Plyometrics is now widely considered a "must have" for increasing vertical jump. Jumpsoles are the world famous plyometric training platforms that attach onto your shoe. Jumpsoles develop fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs giving you explosive leaping ability. In addition, Jumpsoles improve your brain's ability to recruit those fast twitch muscles and power off the forefoot for maximum lift.

How to Jump Like an Animal...

Ever notice a cheetah leap toward his prey? It's a blur. A kangaroo bound over a fence? Blink-of-an-eye-sudden. Predator cats, dogs, kangaroos, and many other animals share an amazing jumping ability. If you notice how they spring up off the ground, they have this one thing in common: they power up off their toes, generating a tremendous amount of leverage from the forefoot area in front of their heel. They are rarely on their heels. In fact, their heels are so much higher up off the ground, they're like knee level. Heels up off the ground: It's a great geometry for jumping. Want to jump like an animal? You can train how to do it by using Jumpsoles.

Training in Jumpsoles trains you to power up off your forefoot, generating maximum force off the toes. Like an animal you'll be loaded with explosive jumping and sprinting ability.

Want Even more Hops? Get Proprioceptors

Here's a way to add even more inches to your jump. Get the Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors. It can add 1-2 extra inches on top of your Jumpsoles results. Proprioceptor plugs build the muscles you need to make Jumpsoles plyometrics even more effective. By following the special Proprioceptor video and training manual you get added hops in two ways:

1. Higher Jumping Efficiency

The Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors build your foot and ankle muscles better than any other method. Pay attention to this muscle group. If you have the slightest weakness in the foot & ankle area, you're just spinning your wheels doing any other jump training. Whatever precious energy you generate in your calves and quads - you're just losing into the ground. Jumping off weak feet and ankles is like jumping in sand. Never let that happen to you by developing rock solid foot and ankle muscles. Vertical jump starts at the point of ground contact. Studies have shown that you can 1-2 inches in vertical by just having stronger feet and ankles.

2. Your Vertical Gains come Sooner

The stronger your muscles are, the sooner they'll respond to plyometrics. Proprioceptors used with the Jumpsoles Power Plyometrics program puts power and plyometrics together for a super additive effect. You get results over 300% greater than each method on its own. You get to jump that much higher that much sooner. For added hops be sure to get the Advanced Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors.

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1) I
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