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Agility Rings

for indoor or outdoor agility exercises
Assemble in multiple positions for quick feet drills, footwork, bounding, and lateral speed drills!


  • 21" Diameter Agility Rings
  • assorted colors
agility ladder
Double 180 Degree Jumps
agility ladder
Box Jumps

These are Sportspecific.com exercises. For Sport Specific Tips like these that will help you improve and excel in your sport, click here

Agility Rings set of 6
(Item # ARING6)
Agility Rings set of 12
(Item # ARING12)

Fast Feet Fast Feet CDRom

In the multimedia CDRom program, renowned trainer Chris Morton shows you mind boggling footwork drills you can do using the Agility Ring.  With an intense workout that takes just 15 minutes you can get the lightning quick footwork that will allow you to shake any defender, or stay on top of any attacker. Do the drills in sneakers or use with Jumpsoles for added loading and tremendous contrast effect!

Fast Feet CDRom Only

Fast Feet CDRom + 1 Agility Ring
(Item # ARINGS1)
Agility Rings set of 6 + Fast Feet CDRom
(Item # ARINGS6)
Agility Rings set of 12 + Fast Feet CDRom
(Item # ARINGS12)

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