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Basketball Funnel

Returns all shots - both missed and made - to any spot on the court - from freethrows to baseline

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Spalding 68454 Glass Portable Hoop System
Spalding 68454 Glass
Portable Hoop System


-54 in. Steel framed glass backboard
-Three piece, 4 in. pole system

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Basketball Hoops
Roof King Platinum Acrylic Basketball Backboard
Roof King Platinum Acrylic
Basketball Backboard

-Roof Eve to Roof Eve + 2.5'
-60" x 36" x 1/2" clear acrylic backboard

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Gared Master Package: Backboard, Rim & Padding
Gared Master Package:
Backboard, Rim & Padding

-42" x 72" Short Glass Backboard
-Gared Master 3000® Breakaway Goal

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Gared J-Bolt Mounting Kit for 6
Gared J-Bolt Mounting Kit
for 6" Basketball Poles

-For new installation if you move
-For quick cement installation before your hoop arrives

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Gared 3000 Master Basketball Goal
Gared 3000 Master
Basketball Goal

-Heavy duty goal built to last
-Meets NCAA and NFHS specifications

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Basketball Hoops and Basketball Goals Buyers Guide

In the market for a basketball hoop? Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Portable Basketball Hoops vs Inground

Portable hoops offer the greatest flexibility of placement around your driveway and yard. You may live in a cul de sac where a portable goal can be placed into the street on a "temporary" basis offering an inviting play area for you and your neighbors. You may want to assemble the hoop and play right away without digging holes and waiting weeks for the cement to set. If this describes your needs, there are entry, mid, and deluxe level portable basketball hoops suited to your needs.

Permanence and Playability

In-Ground Basketball Hoops

In-Ground Basketball Hoops offer a step up from Portable Basketball Hoops. To a basketball enthusiast, there is nothing more handsome in a home than an in ground basketball system perfectly integrated into the driveway of a home. It's both aesthetically pleasing, and practical. In ground hoops offer a higher degree of stability which is a key consideration to the basketball connosieur. You want a solid hoop that yields a minimum amount of sway when you clank a shot off the rim or do a monster tomahawk dunk. Poles used on lower end in-ground basketball systems come in sections of as many as three. That's fine for the casual player. If you want more, however, look for the thickest gauge one piece pole you can afford.

Backboard Size and Shape

Basketball backboards come in a range of backboard sizes from 48", 54" to the NBA regulation 72". Get the biggest backboard you can afford, because the bigger backboards offer more playing surface. For the pro look, clear rectangular backboards are preferable to the fan shaped backboards.

Backboard Material

The majority of basketball hoops backboards can be made of acrylic or tempered glass, more expensive of the two. Get the glass if you can, because it is stiffer than acrylic. With less flex, you get truer bounce off the backboard.

Height Adjust

There are various height adjust mechanisms for basketball hoops. They include: from use-a-broom handle bracket slots to squeeze handle gas pressure, squeeze handle spring loaded, and worm gear hand crank. Gas pressure cartridges have a lifetime expectancy of 5 -7 years. Springs last a similar amount of time before they deform. The worm gear hand crank mechanism found on higher end basketball hoops offer the maximum in fine tune adjustability Keep in mind that any height adjust introduces flex and sway to the backboard. The heigher end backboards compensate by using thicker gauge metal.

JumpUSA is America’s #1 store for all kinds of sports equipment and accessories. We specialize in providing top quality portable basketball hoops and outdoor basketball hoops at affordable prices. Whether you want to buy basketball hoops to play a professional match or a casual match with your friends, we have excellent basketball hoops from top brands to meet your basketball playing requirements. The basketball hoops provided by Jump USA come with a range of features that allow easy relocation and height adjustment so that you can change the placement and height of the hoop as per your requirement. All basketball equipment available at our online store is guaranteed to be durable and high quality as we make customer satisfaction our top priority. At our store, you can buy UV resistant and rust protected basketball accessories like backboards which do not fade or crack in harsh outside weather.

We also offer free shipping for basketball products and you can browse through our online store to check out basketball hoops from leading brands like Spalding or Gared. Our basketball accessories are perfect for professional as well as casual players and you can choose from our wide range of portable basketball hoops, outdoor basketball hoops, and basketball goals, according to your budget and requirements. Buy today!

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