The Body Dome

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Body Dome™ is designed to increase Balance, Core Stability, Agility, and Muscle Tone. Improving these factors results in better sports performance and overall quality of health.
Body Dome
With regular workouts, the Body Dome strengthens muscles and improves flexibility so you become more balanced and agile with stronger core muscles. You'll more fully enjoy participating in sports and improve your overall health.

The Body Dome uses the concept of exercise balls. Since your work out while balancing, you engage your core muscles during every move. The Body Dome adds the stable, molded base and toning cords to allow for exercises that target arms, legs, abdominals, and cardio. The Dome's textured surface along with the molded base keeps you in position for proper exercise form.


Body Dome You can condition your muscles in as little as 10 minutes a day with the included Total Tone Workout video, target your abs with the included Ab Dome Workout, and improve cardiovascular fitness with the Cardio Dome Workout.

The Body Dome requires little space and stores away easily.


• 3 Workout videos, Total Tone Workout, Ab Dome Workout, Cardio Dome Workout
• Textured surface for slip resistance
• Dual-length strength cords adds a wider variety of exercises
• Durable molded base
• Air pump with needle included
• Workout guide
• Nutritional guide
• 21.25" diameter base, approximately 11" high when inflated

Includes: Body Dome®, 3 workout videos, air pump, workout guide, nutritional guide, owner's manual with inflation instructions
Targeted Training: Improves total body strength, flexibility, and balance
Recommended Use: Use to build total body strength. The Body Dome takes very little space and is easily stored away. Use with the Body Dome mat.
Comfort Elements: Padded hand grips
Material: Hard plastic molded base, rubberized dome
Color: Yellow
Assembly: Inflation required

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