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Explosive Power and Strength: 

Complex Training for Maximum Results

Explosive Power and Strength

10 lb. Double Grip 
Handle Ball
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Add a 10 lb. Double Grip Medicine Ball for workouts featured in the book.

The best in sports conditioning now combines plyometric, resistance, and sprint training, matching workouts closely to the demands and skills of particular sports. Explosive Power and Strength not only offers three training methods in one but also shows readers how to create individualized, sport-specific programs.

Dr. Donald Chu has been a conditioning consultant for the Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Lions, Chicago White Sox, and the United States Tennis Association, working also with such famous athletes as professional tennis players Todd Martin and Lindsay Davenport, Kevin Maas of the New York Yankees, and Rodney Lewis, 100-meter Olympic sprinter.

In Explosive Power and Strength Chu emphasizes the use of complex training methods to maximize performance. The book features 33 resistance and 45 plyometric exercises, with 115 detailed illustrations showing their proper execution. Many exercises use free weights to isolate the specific muscle groups used most in various sports of interest. In addition, this reference includes three ready-to-use workouts for each of 11 sports and program design forms that athletes and coaches can use to customize workouts.

Explosive Power and Strength offers athletes and coaches the most innovative and effective training and conditioning methods available today!

About the Author

As president-elect of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a frequent contributor to the National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal, Dr. Donald Chu is a leading authority on power training and conditioning. Chu has been a conditioning consultant for the Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Lions, and Chicago White Sox as well as a consultant for the U.S. Tennis Association and the U.S. National and Olympic Synchronized Swimming Teams. He is owner, director, and consultant to individual athletes at the Ather Sports Injury Clinic in northern California.

Dr. Chu, who earned a PhD in physical therapy and kinesiology from Stanford University, is a professor emeritus of kinesiology and physical education at California State University, Hayward. 

He is a registered physical therapist, a certified athletic trainer through the National Athletic Training Association, and a National Strength and Conditioning Association—certified strength specialist. He has received many honors, including the NATA’s Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award in 1995, and the NSCA’s President’s Award for Service in 1993. In 1978, his only year as a head coach, Dr. Chu was named the Far Western Conference Track and Field Coach of the Year.

Table of Contents

Part I: A Better Way to Train 
Chapter 1. Complex Training Components 
Chapter 2.Complex Training Physiology 

Part II: Complex Training Exercises
Chapter 3.Resistance Exercises
Chapter 4.Plyometric Exercises 

Part III: Program Design
Chapter 5.Ingredients for Complex Training Programs 
Chapter 6.Periodization
Chapter 7.Designing Your Program
Chapter 8.Assessment

Words of Praise 

"Don’s complex training allows an athlete to maximize his strength and power without ignoring their sport skills."
Todd Martin
Professional Tennis Player

"This book is an excellent overview of how to use complex training and integrate it into a variety of sports."
Al Vermiel, MA, CSCS (click here to see his medicine ball workouts for basketball)
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Chicago Bulls

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