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Indian Clubs
Dynamically powerizes your shoulders!
  • For shoulder and back pain
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve Range of Motion

  • Swiss Ball
    Stability Ball

    Perfect Pushup
    Rotating Pushup Handles for new, improved pushups.

    Wobble Board
    New affordable Wobble Board for ankle strengthening, balancet raining, and rehabilitation.

    Balance Discs and Balance Pods

    Foam Rollers
    Used for a variety of applications such as rehab, sports training and improving balance, Foam Rollers provide a dynamic training surface no matter what your goals.

    Jump Ropes

    Hanging Abs

    Pro Fitter

    Stroops Loops

    McDavid Hexpad Sports Bras

    TNT Cable System

    Chest Expander

    Shoulder Pulley System

    Hand Strengthening Devices


    Home Cardio Exercise Equipment


    Elliptical Trainers

    Exercise Bikes

    Featuring: The Vasa Trainer
    Uses your own body weight as resistance, which is one of the safest, smoothest and most natural forms of exercise available. By raising your body up a variable incline against gravity, the Vasa Trainer utilizes your body weight to increase strength and fitness.

    Aerobic Steps

    The Stretch Ladder is supremely useful for stretching. About 65 inches long, it has a loop system the entire length of the nylon webbing. No matter whether sitting, standing or lying on the ground, you can stick your toes, feet or hands into the loops for anchoring a limb or holding and pulling on the strap. Without having to focus on gripping a strap or tensing muscles to keep a cord in the right place, you can now use the cord literally to tow your limbs into different positions for a great stretch in all directions. Nice and compact, as well as light. You can easily pack it in an overnight bag or suitcase to use while traveling.

    Stretch Ladder

    Stretch Ladder 
    Team Pack of 6
    (Item # STRETCHLDR6)

    The Wrist Roller
    Take the Carpal Tunnel 
    Test to see if you 
    have CTS!

    The Power Pushup

    The 4-in-1 Chin-Up Bar
    This Chin Up Bar has 3 positions!

    Weight Training Equipment Homepage


    Strength Ball Training

    Your Personal Trainer

    Essentials of Strength
    Training and Conditioning

    Plyometric Exercises 
    with the Medicine Ball

    Stronger Abs and Back

    Home Fitness for Kids DVD

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