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See Swiss Ball Exercises!

Plyoballs can be used to increase the effectiveness of the Swiss Ball workout.  You can do crunches, various balance drills, or do Plyoball tosses to and from a partner.  The Swiss Ball is our best Stability ball in black.

recommended for women!
Fitness Trainer - Swiss Ball, Pump, 6 lb. Plyoball, Strength Ball Training Book
Price:  $87.85 $79.95 

recommended for men!
Swiss Ball Special with Pump + 8 lb Plyoball +  Strength Ball Training Book
$97.85  $89.95

Fitness Basic - Swiss Ball, Pump, 6 lb. Plyoball 
Price:  $69.45 $59.95 

BEST DEAL! - With option to increase to 8 lb. or 10 lb. Plyoball
Fitness Trainer Cardio - Swiss Ball, Pump, 6 lb. Plyoball, Strength Ball Training Book, Don Chu Plyoball Video (Item # FITSGOLD)
Price:  $117.80 $99.95 

- For a description of Don Chu's Video go here


Strength Ball Training by Lorne Goldenberg and Peter Twist
Strength Ball Training DVD/Book Combo
Price:   US$20.95 

Strength Ball System
Strength Ball Training DVD/Book, 6 lb.  Plyoball, Swiss Ball, and Exercise Mat
Price:  $100.80 US$89.95 

     Strength Ball Training shows you how to combine Swiss ball and medicine ball exercises to develop greater strength and stability and enhance your sport performance! 

76 exercises that target all of the major muscle groups: 

              • Shoulders and upper back
              • Biceps, triceps, and forearms
              • Chest
              • Abs and lower back
              • Legs and hips

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