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Flush Hit Driver


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The most important part of the golf swing is impact. Making sure your golf club is square to the ball and that contact is made with the sweet spot of your golf club is the one key ingredient that ensures you will maximize distance and accuracy with every shot.

The Flush Hit Driver was created to help you get that perfect delivery position every time you swing your club. The Flush Hit Driver is a regulation size driver that offers immediate feedback on where you struck the Flush Hit golf ball. If you hit the ball perfectly, the Flush Hit Driver captures the Flush Hit golf ball. If you miss, the Flush Hit Driver, by virtue of ball flight, tells you where you struck the Flush Hit golf ball with the face of the club. Immediate feedback like this is only offered by the Flush Hit Driver.

If you hit it correctly, the Driver captures the soft Flush Hit Golf Ball!



The Flush Hit Driver was designed to help golfers of all abilities and ages to improve
golf's key fundamental: hand-eye coordination. Just five minutes a day with the Flush
Hit Driver will improve your ability to hit a golf ball in the center of the clubface. Center contact will produce more solid and accurate golf shots with every club in your bag.


When the Flush Hit Driver was originally tested, the common denominator with all
golfers tested was improved concentration. Most golfers have a tendency to look up
from the golf ball too soon (lift their head) to see where it is going. After using the Flush
Hit Driver, these same golfers had their heads in a much better position at the
"moment of truth" - impact! Improved concentration will follow you to the golf course and make you a better golfer.


Comments such as "don't go left", "don't leave it short", "stay away from the water", are
commonplace among most amateur golfers. The Flush Hit Driver helps to eliminate
such thoughts. Tour players always think positively and much of this can be attributed to their phenomenal ball-striking abilities. Tour players think, "favor the right", "put a good
roll on it", etc. By practicing with the Flush Hit Driver, your ball striking ability will improve
dramatically. With the ability to hit the ball in the center of the clubface, you will have
more control over where you want to place the ball. Negative thinking will disappear
from your thought process, and you too will begin thinking like a Tour player. Make your
last thought, "HIT IT FLUSH". 


Most of us do not have the time or the facility to practice as much as we'd like. In fact,
most of us do not like to practice at all. But we all want to improve. This is what makes
the Flush Hit Driver the most effective training aid on the market. Just five minutes a day
in the comfort of your own home, driveway or backyard, and you will notice dramatic
improvements. The next time you watch a tournament, notice the difference in the
swings of every player out there. They're all different. There is no perfect swing. In fact,
even Tour players mishit shots - just not as often as us. Professional golfers have the ability through extensive practice to hit solid golf shots no matter the shape of their
swing. The key is, they are all able to square the clubface at impact. The Flush Hit
Driver will allow you to use your natural athletic ability and individual swing to develop
into one that produces consistent and solid golf shots. Use the drills described by Jay Haas and Billy Harmon. The Flush Hit Driver will make anyone a better and more consistent golfer. 


We at Flush Hit Golf have dedicated ourselves to develop a swing training aid that not
only improves your swing greatly, but is fun to use. Golf is a game and games are
meant to be fun. It is our belief that if a training aid is fun, you will enjoy practice and you
will improve. Use the Flush Hit Driver to hone and strengthen golf muscles and build muscle memory that is essential to a repetitive golf swing. Have competitions with your family and friends. The Flush Hit Driver is very simple, very effective and a lot of FUN!

Flush Hit Driver
Men's Club Length - 45" 
Women's Club Length - 43" 
Junior's Club Length 40"
U.S. $119.95

Standard Package Includes:
  • 1 Flush Hit Driver 
  • 3 Soft White Golf Balls 
  • 1 Firm Yellow Golf Ball 
  • Hit It Flush DVD                       
  • Flush Hit Extraction Key 

When a golf club strikes a ball off-center, the clubhead twists. When the clubhead twists, power is lost. 
The farther off center the hit, the more the clubhead twists, the less distance the golf ball will travel.

* Source: Golf Digest © December 1998

More about Jay Haas:

Jay Haas Named Bob Jones Award Winner For 2006

October 3, 2005 
Far Hills, N.J. – Jay Haas, a nine-time winner on the PGA Tour and a member of three USA Ryder Cup teams, has been selected as the recipient of the 2006 United States Golf Association Bob Jones Award.
Jay Haas will receive the 2006 Bob Jones Award at the USGA’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta this February. Haas is a nine-time winner on the PGA Tour, a former USA Walker Cupper and a three-time participant in the Ryder Cup. 
Presented annually since 1955, the USGA’s highest honor is given in recognition of distinguished sportsmanship in golf. The award seeks to recognize a person who emulates Jones’ spirit, his personal qualities and his attitude toward the game and its players. The award will be presented Feb. 4 at the Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Ga.

"When I heard that I had been selected for the Bobby Jones Award, I was blown away," said Haas. "It is a very special moment when you find out you have been chosen as the recipient of the highest award that an organization gives out. Bobby Jones' name has been synonymous with golf for many generations, and to be given an award which references his legacy to the game of golf is unbelievable."

Haas, 52, who continues to play successfully on both the PGA and Champions Tours, was a member of the victorious 1975 USA Walker Cup squad. He has since played in the Ryder Cup in 1983, 1995 and 2004 as well as the Presidents Cup in 1994 and 2003.

Known for his consistency, Haas placed in the top 125 in career earnings from his first year as a professional in 1976 until 1999. In addition, he has 141 top-10 finishes in his professional career. At age 47 in 2001, he regained his Tour card by finishing 92nd in earnings. He was tied for the third-round lead at the 2004 Players’ Championship at age 50 and also finished in the top 10 at the U.S. Open (T9), Players Championship (T6) and the Tour Championship (T7).

In 2005, he defeated No.1 seed Vijay Singh in the second round at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championships before losing to Chris DiMarco in the third round.

He has played in more than 30 USGA championships, including 26 U.S. Opens. His best Open finishes have been at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, where he tied for fourth in 1995 and shared the first-round lead with a 66 in 2004. In those 26 appearances, he has recorded three top-5 finishes and five top-10s.

Haas finished second in his first Champions Tour outing at the Senior PGA Championship and posted a T3 at the 2004 U.S. Senior Open in his third start.

He won nine events on the PGA Tour, first at the Andy Williams-San Diego Open in 1978 and lastly in 1993 at the H.E.B. Texas Open. With career earnings of nearly $14 million, Haas’ best two years on Tour were 2003 ($2.5 million) and 2004 ($2 million)

Haas, a native of St. Louis, was introduced to golf by his uncle, 1968 Masters champion Bob Goalby. He won his first trophy, the National Pee Wee Championship in Orlando, Fla., at age 7. 

A 1975 graduate of Wake Forest University, he won the NCAA Championship that year and also received the Fred Haskins Award as the nation’s best player. A two-time All-American, Haas played college golf with Curtis Strange and Scott Hoch.

Golf extends throughout the Haas family as Jay’s brother Jerry is the golf coach at Wake Forest University and his second son, Bill, was an All-American at Wake Forest and a member of the 2003 USA Walker Cup squad. Bill now plays on the Nationwide Tour. Brother-in-law Dillard Pruitt played on the PGA Tour and is now a Tour Rules official.

Haas and son, Bill, are the only father and son duo to compete in the U.S. Open together twice (2003 and 2004). Both made the cut in 2004.

He and wife, Janice, have five children and live in Greenville, S.C.


Can you hit a real golf ball with the Flush Hit Driver?


What is the Loft, Shaft Flex, and Swingweight of the Flush Hit Driver?

9 degrees, Firm Flex, D-3 (Loft, flex, torque, or kick point have no bearing on the club's performance)

What type of grip does the Flush Hit Driver have?

Golf Pride Tour Velvet.

Does Women's and Junior's Clubs weight the same as the Men's?

No. Women's clubs weight slightly less and have a slightly smaller grip size than the Men's club. Junior's clubs weigh slightly less and have slightly smaller grip size than the Women's club.

Can the club be customized by Shaft Choice, Loft, Grip Size, Weight?

Sorry, currently no customization available.

Is the Flush Hit Driver made in the U.S.?


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