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The Golf Gym

PowerSwing Trainer


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Golf Training

Gain Greater distance, power and control with this new and improved elastic resistance trainer - Designed to exercise, strengthen, and train the golf-specific muscle groups. Provides a workout that produces power and clubhead speed while reducing the risk of injury and increasing your endurance. 

The Golf Gym comes with:

  • Elastic Resistance band with custom golf grip
  • Golf Gym Instructional DVD
  • Instructional Manual with: 11 Golf Specific Stretches/WarmUps, 9 Golf Specific Exercises, 15 General Conditioning Exercises
  • Golf Gym Bag
  • Quick Start guide for easy reference attached to bag


Featuring: Golf Channel Fitness Expert Katherine Roberts
Katherine Roberts is an innovative fitness expert whose training methods and programs have benefited golfers of every level for more than a decade.

A featured personality on The Golf Channel, Roberts is a certified fitness trainer, yoga instructor, golf bio-mechanical specialist, professional coach and firm believer in the effectiveness of GolfGym products. 

"Since incorporating GolfGym products into my fitness programs, I have been able to offer a more effective level of golf-specific training and conditioning to my students."

- Katherine Roberts 

  • Co-host of the Golf Channel's first Big Break and the 2005 Makeover Challenge 
  • Author of Yoga for Golfers and producer of the companion series of DVDs
  • International speaker and fitness consultant
  • Top 25 Instructor for ESPN Golf Schools

The Golf Gym 
PowerSwing Trainer


PowerSwing Trainer-Master's Edition
Same contents as the Personal Edition and includes all three PowerCord resistance levels. 
Price:   U.S. $64.95

PowerSwing Trainer-Personal Edition
Complete training kit containing ProPerfect Training Grip with PowerCord, high quality training DVD video, instruction booklet, quick reference guide and carry bag.
Price:   U.S. $39.95
(Item # GOLFGYM)

Extra Cords
PowerCord Replacements and Upgrades
Price:   U.S. $16.95

Read the Testimonials:

Dr. David Wright 
- Founder, Mind Under Par Golf Schools, a Golf Magazine Top 25 Golf School
- Senior instruction editor for Golf Tips magazine 
- Named "Teacher of the Year" by the Southern California PGA 
- Named one of the top 10 teachers in California by Golf Digest

"I teach my players that stretching and strengthening muscles are essential if they want to achieve longevity. The GOLFGYM PowerSwing Trainer has become an integral part of my teaching program as it facilitates golf-specific exercises in an easy-to-use format. Every time I put one in a student's hands he says, 'Wow! I can really feel it working.'" 

Paul Callaway
- Founder, Body Balance for Performance
- Director of Physical Therapy, PGA Tour (1985-1988)  

"The GOLFGYM® has become an essential part of our overall program. It provides added resistance and strength training to the exact muscles used in the golf swing and allows movement through a full range of motion."

Tom Landers
- Publisher, PubLinks Golfer Magazine 

"You don't have to give up beer. You don't have to join a gym. You work on it for 10 minutes a day and you get fit. In just a couple of weeks I've noticed a big difference. I'm getting behind the ball with my left side. I thought I had been before, but I really wasn't. I'm starting to hit the ball a lot better because of it. It's almost too simple. There are a lot of golf training aids that golfers are embarrassed to bring to the course. Not many people want to be seen wearing special jackets or setting up elaborate devices to swing under, over or around. However, everyone stretches at least a little before they go out. Here's a product that you can bring to the course, use and you won't embarrass yourself."

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