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The Hoop Harness

Strap it On, Cuff Your Strong Arm, and Drill your Weak Arm! 

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Moving drills are made possible by our patented "safety sliding breakaway" arm cuff which allows cuffed arm to move along waist providing balance, then pop off when you need to. Train both left and right with our exclusive reversible training cuff! 
The Hoop Harness
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The Hoop Harness - 6 PACK
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The Hoop Harness Basketball Training System includes a FREE Drill Book.

Our 38 page basketball drill book provides numerous drills and tips for improvement with detailed illustrations for beginner through pro levels.

What is the Hoop Harness™ Training Device? 
The Hoop Harness™  is a basketball training system that promotes ambidextrous (right and left-hand) basketball handling skills. Hoop Harness™ drills are designed to strengthen your weak hand by eliminating the possibility of strong or natural hand assistance or bail out. 

Who Can Benefit From Hoop Harness™ System?
The system benefits beginning players who have never touched a ball before, all the way up to professional players who wish to tweak their game! 

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