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Indian Clubs - Circular Weight Training

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Indian clubs are ideal exercise equipment for professional athletes, physical therapists and martial artists. The Indian clubs can also be used for therapy and recovery from shoulder, forearm or wrist injuries. These clubs improve a person’s flexibility and also increase range of motion for shoulders. By using the Indian clubs sportspersons can increase their strength and stamina in playing the game of their choice and the circular weight training can also make their shoulders strong. Whether one is interested in basketball, baseball, wrestling, boxing or martial arts, the Indian clubs are the perfect training aid that should be a part of everyone’s circular weight training routine. At JumpUSA.com, you can find Indian clubs in various weights and you can also buy training DVDs to view the videos and learn how to swing the Indian clubs properly.
Indian clubs
Dear JumpUSA:
I am amazed at the Indian Clubs.  I am learning how to use them and find it meditative and healing.  The effects on strengthening; concentration; and overall sense of well being in a short period of time is wonderful.  I had a friend who was a former Peace Corps volunteer comrade who showed them to me for the first time.  It is the best exercise equipment I have ever invested in.  The transportability is a big plus.  They also are beautifully made for a life time.
Nancy Nichols

Indian Clubs
Indian Clubs
Awaken Your Shoulder Muscles!
  • Used by Professional athletes, swimmers, golfers, sports trainers, physical therapists, and martial artists
  • Great for people with shoulder injuries or pain
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Standard: 16 1/2 inches long and 1 lb. each, with Training DVD and Video
Indian Clubs
Indian Clubs
1 lb. each 
Includes DVD

Indian Clubs 2lb
Heavy Indian Clubs
2 lb. each
No DVD included

The next step for anyone already using smaller clubs. Increase shoulder and range of motion strength but also add to grip, wrist, and forearm conditioning. 19 inches long and 2 lb. each.

Indian Clubs 8 PackIndian Clubs Team Pack of 8

Indian Clubs (DVD Only)Indian Clubs DVD Only
(not included with Heavy Indian Clubs)

Working out with Indian Clubs might be described as Circular Weight Training. It develops rotary and angular or diagonal strength.  Circular Weight Training will increase stability and prevent injury. You'll feel your shoulder muscles come alive!


BASKETBALL: Loosen your shoulders to help you shoot and dribble with smoothness and accuracy.
BASEBALL: Increase bat control and swinging power.  Get stronger grip and wrist strength for ball throwing.
TENNIS & RACQUETBALL: Strengthen your wrists and improve your swing.
WRESTLING: Improve strength for sprawling and strengthen wrist control.
BOXING: Increase swinging power and endurance.
MARTIAL ARTS: Improve striking, flexibility, and holds. 
RUGBY & FOOTBALL: blocking and tackling skills which rely on coordinated arm force generation. 
GOLF: Improve wrist snap to increase distance, accuracy and consistency. 

Indian Exercise Clubs

"With over 40 professional fights I’ve had to deal with a number of injuries including a partial rotator cuff tear, a jammed shoulder and cartilage damage.  I went through extensive rehabilitation with limited success.  I was introduced to Indian Clubs a little over 2 years ago and I can tell you since using the clubs on a regular basis, “my shoulder now feels solid and 100%”.  Indian Club Exercise are now a necessary part of Miletich Fighting Systems training.  Not only for me, but all our fighters."

Pat Miletich, 5 time Ultimate Fighting World Champion.  Pat has trained more world champions than any other trainer in the world and has been voted the #1 trainer in the world two years in a row.

"I became interested in Indian Clubs several years ago after speaking with Vern Gambetta. What intrigued us about using the clubs was the training potential of extending the kinetic chain and being able to add resistance in all planes of motion. The clubs are definitely one of those training tools that have to be tried to be understood, but the main reason I use them is that they require you to be mindful rather than mindless in your movements. You learn to create fluid, graceful, precise movement patterns, and these patterns are great for your shoulders, elbows, and wrists especially. Baseball and volleyball players, Nordic skiers, and swimmers are some of the athletes who can benefit greatly by adding these functional, inexpensive and portable tools to their training program."

Steve Myrland - Myrland Sports Training, LLC

"There is just nothing like a workout with the clubs for general health, mobility and flexibility. It’s good for anyone but especially good for the martial artist because along with the loosening of the shoulder girdle it promotes coordination and strength in motion. Since I started using clubs about a year ago, I also found a heavier set and have been exploring lots of different exercises based on my practice of Filipino-Kali-Escrima." 

Stephen Browne - Martial Arts Instructer – Warsaw, Poland

"I purchased a pair of Indian Clubs and video about a year ago for therapy of chronic shoulder pain. I have now been using the clubs for one year and have achieved a much greater range of motion and decreased pain. I have now prescribed the clubs to my patients who tell me of the same results. I would highly recommend the use of Indian Club Exercises for chronic shoulder pain and loss of range of motion."

Dr. Mark Schmall D.C. - Chiropractor – Rock Island, Illinois

"I love the Indian clubs and the exercises. They are deceptively strenuous! I suffer a lot of neck and back pain from sitting all day at a desk and the exercises really feel like they’re helping, restoring a kind of balance in a way. I spin the tape forwards and look at the more complicated moves and hope one day I get there." 
Adele Carroll - Lymington, Hampshire UK

"I’m 52 years of age – vocationally a government budget officer who spends way too many hours at a computer. Avocationally, I am a martial artist with over 35 years of practice – the last 15 or so in Southeast Asian martial arts (kali, silat, kuntoa, bando, gungfu, etc.). I have now been swinging Indian Clubs for a little over a year. The Ed Thomas video gave me the best instruction to date. The use of lightweight clubs helped loosen and strengthen the shoulder girdle which tends to get tight when I spend too many hours at a computer. The light clubs also helped my elbows and wrists that have been injured through martial arts practice. With the club swinging technique, I get full extension of the joints which I do not with more compact movements and exercises."

Robert Eggebrecht- Chicago, Il

"Indian Club training was introduced at the University about two years ago. Since then, our students have really gravitated to Indian Club exercises. The rhythm of Club Swinging has an appeal that feels almost primordial. I would rate Club Swinging as one of the best body/mind exercises that exist. The psychomotor control it develops is complex and exotic, stirring joy at every swing."

Ken Daley - Associate Professor Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Maharishi University of Management Associate Editor of the SportScience Web Site 

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