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Over the years, the way sports are played have changed.  We've gone from finesse, skillful play to today's raw, athletic power-oriented play.  Here's what you need to stay ahead of the game.
The Jumpsoles Speed and Jump Training System
For ultimate vertical and running power

Hyper Gravity Weight Belt 
Training in heavier gravity will make your body feel light and powerful
X VestWeight Vest
Weighted Vests
See our selection of Weight Vests - whether it's durability or comfort we have what you need

Power Wheel 
Work your abs, hamstrings, and lower back with this diverse wheel

Double Grip Handle Balls
Medicine balls with grip handles allow diverse workouts

Plyoboxes, Cones,
and other Jumpsoles
Training Accessories

Roman Chair / Hyperextension
The ultimate lower back exercise

Heavy Weighted

Work upper and lower body as well as cardio.

Kor Flex
KorFlex is an innovative and effective resistance system designed for all your fitness and physical therapy needs.

Power Sports Trainer
Full Body Resistance elastics for all movements

Progressive Resistance Elastic Bands
Similar to chains that are hung from the bar, these elastic cords utilize progressive resistance to create greater and greater resistance as you ascend.

Doorway Gym
Work all varieties of pull ups and chin ups. No need for screws or bolts.

TNT Cable System
Double Your Power! Proven better than weights for Size, Strength, Power

Chest Expander
Double Your Power! Proven better than weights for Size, Strength, Power

Train Station
A Complete Gymnasium small enough to fit in your back pocket!

Ankle Weights
5 lb ankle weight sets.

Extreme Weighted Kettlebells for intense power, full-body workout, aerobic and strength building.
Indian Clubs

Learn the Ancient Art of Club Swinging!
  • For shoulder and back pain
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve Range of Motion
  • Heavy Grips
    For athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. From 100 to 350 lbs!
    Click for details
    Do a variety of curls and pulls. Great for athletes on the go!

    Hand Strengthening Devices

    Wrist and Forearm Strengthener
     Wrist and Forearm Strengthening Devices

    All About Pushups

    The Power Pushup
    Add resistance to your pushups - using elastics you can add up to 240 lbs resistance!

    Pushup Bars
    Pushup bars make your pushups harder and build up your grip strength.

    Perfect Pushup
    Add stability to your pushup workout! Great for pushups and increasing grip strength and wrist  strength.

    The Strength Builder
    The all new rack that allows you to target specific key areas by putting the bars in different positions.

    Lateral Power

    Lateral Power Boxes
    For outdoor use, these steel frames boxes will get you exploding laterally!

    Lateral Power Trainer
    For indoor use, steel platforms for lateral explosion

     Slide Boards
    Develop strong quads for powerful running and jumping

    Resistance Running

    Speed Parachute
    Run with resistance, then release the parachute to hit overspeed!

    Assisted Resistance Training
    Partnered resistance trainers with belts, shoulder harnesses, and variable elastics

    Thigh Blasters
    High-Knees have never been so difficult! By forcing yourself to push your knees up with force you can develop explosive speed and running power.

    The Shoulder Surge
    Shoulders are key in stride length, speed, and vertical jumping ability. Isolate your shoulders for power running!

    The Tandem Tow
    Athletes take turns providing resistance for each other. The lead athlete runs against the resistance provided by the trailing runner.

    Power and Strength

    The Wrist Roller
    Take the Carpal Tunnel 
    Test to see if you 
    have CTS!

    The 4-in-1 Chin-Up Bar
    This Chin Up Bar has 3 positions!

    Hanging Abs

    Weight Training Equipment Homepage

    Mixed Martial Arts (click to see all Mixed Martial Arts Tools)

    The Power Punch

    Explosive Kick

    Powernetics Machines
    The Bulldog
    Explosive Hip and Leg Drive
    Attacker 2
    The Attacker
    Ground Base Hand Separation
    The Dominator
    The Dominator
    Torque and Turn Machine
    Power Trainer
    The Power Trainer
    Explosive Power for Clean and Dead Lifts
    Power Row
    The Power Row
    Explosive Back Row Machine
    Shoulder Rotator
    The Shoulder Rotator
    Powerful Shoulder Strength
    The Kicker
    The Kicker
    Powerful Shoulder Strength
    High Stepper
    The High Stepper
    Explosive Hip Flexor Weight Training Machine
    Power Neck
    The Power Neck
    Powerful Shoulder Strength


    Power for Sports Performance

    Strength for Sports Performance

    Flexibility for Sports Performance


    Sports Speed

    Strength Ball Training

    Stronger Abs and Back

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