Plyometric Jump Boxes

Super Duty Steel with Rubber Top

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Plyometric Jump Boxes

The 18 inch Jump Box
- our most popular box for all jumps.

Jump Boxes, also known as plyo platforms are a must-have training tool for explosive jump and speed training such as plyometrics. Plyo Box Jumping is a critical aspect of plyometric training because the exercises use not only your body weight, but also gravity to build muscle.  Plyometric Jump Boxes can be used with Jumpsoles for maximum gains.  They can be worked into the Jumpsole program by substituting exercises or being added to the program for a harder workout. The 12" (30cm) plyo platforms are great for stepups, the 18" (45cm) are great for all exercises, and the giant 24" (60cm) jumbo box and higher are great for doing depth jumps and altitude jumps. Advanced athletes can use larger plyo boxes(30", 36", 42"). Rock solid steel construction. Built to withstand the extreme stress of power plyometrics.
Plyo Boxes
The 12, 18 and 24 inch Jump Boxes are stackable.

Price: $380 $349 Free USA Shipping* 

Plyometric Equipment
    30", 36", and 42" Plyo Boxes ship flat for low cost UPS shippability.
    Easily assembled.  Rock solid, stable tip - proof construction.

  • Welded steel construction
  • Beefy 3/4" Plywood Platform
  • Full 1" Rubber top  - (other competitors boxes use flimsy 1/8")
  • Super durable
  • For individual or institutional environment
  • Plyo Platforms fit inside each other for storage
12 inch Jump Box
(Item # JUMPBOX12)
 $119 Free USA Shipping*

Step Up Box
size of top: 13" X 13"
size of base: 17" X 17"
18 inch Jump Box
(Item # JUMPBOX18)
Price:   $129 Free USA Shipping* 

Our Most Popular Box for All Jumps!
size of top: 14.5" X 14.5"
size of base: 20" X 20"
24 inch Jump Box
(Item # JUMPBOX24)
Price:  $159 Free USA Shipping* 

Depth Jump Box
size of top: 16" X 16"
size of base: 22.8" X 22.8"
30 inch Jump Box
(Item # JUMPBOX30)
Price:   $199 Free USA Shipping*

Depth Jumps + Altitude Jumps
size of top: 18" X 18"
36 inch Jump Box
(Item # JUMPBOX36)
Price:  $229 Free USA Shipping* 

Depth Jumps + Altitude Jumps
size of top: 20.5" X 20.5"
42 inch Jump Box
(Item # JUMPBOX42)
Price:  $249 Free USA Shipping* 

Depth Jumps + Altitude Jumps
size of top: 22.5" X 22.5"
*Free USA Shipping Excludes HI, AK, PR

12 inch and 18 inch Jump Box Set
- Step Ups and All Jumps -
$250 $219 Free USA Shipping* 

12 inch and 24 inch Plyo Platform Set
- Step Ups and Depth Jumps -

$280 $239 Free USA Shipping* 
All three of our most popular plyo boxes! 
12, 18, and 24 inches
Plyometric Platforms
Fit inside each other for easy storage
Price: $380 $349 Free USA Shipping* 

plyobox plyometric jump box set

All six plyo boxes! 

12, 18, 24 plus 
30, 36, 42 inch plyo boxes
Price: $1050 $899 Free USA Shipping* 

Jumping into Plyometrics has over 30 Jump Box exercises!
Jumping into Plyometrics Book
Jumping into Plyometrics Book
100 exercises for Plyometric Power and Strength! 
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by Donald A. Chu, PhD
Jumping into Plyometrics Video $39.95
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