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Heavyball Training Video CD-Rom

Heavyball Training Video CD-Rom

Price: $19.95
Code: HBCD

Heavyball Training Video CD-Rom - 11 + 2 exercises. Play it on your DVD Player or Computer (Not all DVD Players support this format)! 11 powerful exercises to get the most out of your 3 lb. Heavy Basketball. Included are exercises to improve wrist strength, finger strength, jumping power, and dribbling! BONUS: 2 Special Lunge Exercises with the Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors - for leg strength and first step quickness - AND coupons worth up to $20 on JUMPUSA equipment

Before ordering the heavyball + training dvd/cd-rom My handle was weak, especially my left hand. I was getting ripped by the defenders every time i put the ball up and my shooting range was weak too. But after 3 weeks of using the drills on the dvd my handles increased dramatically and now I just blow right by defenders and cross them up too. Nobody can stick me now. My shooting range has increased. Also I can shoot from half court with no problem and my 3 point percentage has sky rocketed too.

Big ups to that heavy ball + video cd thanks!
Cris Dillard

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