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Proprio Kinetics 3 Volume Set

Proprio Kinetics 3 Volume Set

Price: $47.00

Want to Jump Higher?
Here's what to do ... Strengthen your ankles. Athleticism is the foundation of your entire game... And your feet are the foundation of your athleticism. Every single thing you do as a player starts at your feet/ankles, and yet the feet/ankles is the #1 most injured area for players all over the world.
Jumpsoles Proprioceptors, already the world's #1 way to get athletic ankles, just got even better with ...

Here's what's inside the 3 volume set:
  • How to increase your vertical jump by applying this one simple trick to your workout regimen
  • The Secret 3 Exercises that the world's top dunkers do to slam on their opponents time and time again!
  • Gain instant first step quickness with Proprio Kinetics drill sequence #1
  • The most popular jump training drill ... That everyone is doing wrong
  • Ankle Repair Guide: How to use Proprio Kinetics to treat injury and heal faster
  • Ankle taping pros and cons: when you should and when you'd be better off without ...
  • ... and much more
  • Watch it on your phone with your special customer link upon purchase.

  • Get it FREE here with purchase of Jumpsoles Proprioceptors

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