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Reduction in Osgood-Schlatter's Syndrome symptomology due to Jumpsole training regimen

Dear JumpUSA, 

We thought that you might find the following quite interesting: 

My son Bryan is 16 years old and attends Highland HS in Palmdale, CA.  Bryan is the starting setter on the varisty VB boys team.  Bryan is also the starting setter on the Antelope Valley Springboks Volleyball Club U18's boys team.  In addition, Bryan plays a lot of beach doubles.  Bryan is 6'-0" in height and weighs 135 lbs.  He has been playing VB extensively since the 7th Grade.  Ever since he started playing in the 7th Grade, he has had an ongoing problem with Osgood-Schlatter's Syndrome.  At times in the past and especially when he's worked hard on jumping/hitting, his knees have given him so much pain that he would nearly come to tears while working out.  We took him to several doctors, they all diagnosed that he had Osgood-Schlatter's, and we tried a number of treatments including: 1) increased warm ups/stretching prior to training/playing; 2) analgesics and anti-inflammatories; 3) rest; 4) advoidance of jumping (which is obviously pretty difficult, even for a setter much less a hitter); 5) applications of ice packs and direct massage of the area immediately below the knee.  None of those forms of treatment had any sort of lasting effect and often very little temporary effect (with the sole exception of the ice/massage treatments which were quite effective in the relief of moderate to severe pain immediately following a practice, but which were understandably ineffective in preventing the re-onset of pain symptoms on subsequent practice days). 

This past fall, we decided to try your Jumpsoles with the Proprioceptors as a means of increasing vertical jump.  We had been leery of attempting to utilize any sort of jumpsole training while he was younger as we didn't want to cause any type of overtraining in a young athlete which would result in injury or diminution of jumping ability.  Given the fact that Bryan had repeatedly suffered from Osgood-Schlatter's Syndrome, we had also been quite concerned that utilizing the Jumpsoles would exacerbate the Osgood-Schlatter's Syndrome.  We were subsequently to find out that exactly the opposite had occured. 

Bryan was scheduled to try out for the USAV Youth National Team in January, 2001, and we started the Jumpsole/Proprioceptor training regimen seven (7) weeks prior to the tryout date.  When we commenced the training regimen, Bryan's Vertec-measured Cold Three-Step Attack Jump vertical was 24.0".  At seven (7) weeks into the regimen when we measured him again, the Cold Three-Step Attack Jump vertical had increased to 30.5".  Even more impressive was the fact that his Hot Three-Step Attack Jump was measured at 34.5".  Similarly, his Cold and Hot Block Jumps had also improved by similar amounts.  In addition, we noted a marked increased in horizontal footspeed/accleration. What was just as impressive however, was the fact that during the Jumpsole training regimen, the frequency/severity of Osgood-Schlatter's Syndrome attacks essentially disappeared or at the worst were very minimal in serverity!!  As we were coming to the end of the first 8-week training regimen, we decided to temporarily suspend the training regimen during the week of the USAV team tryout and take the two-week inter-regimen training break immediately prior to the start of the CIF High School Volleyball season in early February. 

At the start of the CIF Volleyball season, and after Bryan had been off of the Jumpsoles training regimen for approx. three (3) weeks, Bryan immediately began having very painful attacks of Osgood-Schlatter's Syndrome.  Due to the fact that the attacks were so painful (and this despite the fact that Bryan is in great physical  shape and always undergoes a very good warm-up/stretching regimen prior to any workouts), that we held off on re-starting the Jumpsoles training.  Thinking that perhaps Bryan's warm-up/stretching regimen needed some added effort in order to avoid the Osgood-Schlatter's attacks, we added a few minutes of speed rope jumping to his warm-up/stretching regimen, but without any real positive effects.  We had discussed the fact that during his Jumpsole training, that all Osgood-Schlacter's symptomology had seemingly disappeared.  Bryan then noted that his Block Jump vertical had decreased by about 3" and decided to re-start the Jumpsole training at the Week 4 point of his previous training regimen.  We re-started the training, being very careful to watch for any signs of over-training and/or Osgood-Schlatter's pain symptomology.  During and after the first Jumpsoles workout, Byran noted that his legs/knees felt fine with no pain, especially no evidence of any Osgood-Schlatter's pain symptoms. 

The very next day after re-starting the Jumpsole training, Bryan had a regular HS Volleyball varsity practice.  That evening,  I asked Bryan if his knees were bothering him - he replied that he had essentially no pain!  Two days prior (and one day prior to him re-starting the Jumpsoles training), Bryan had experienced moderately severe Osgood-Schlatter's pain symptoms.  Ever since he re-started the Jumpsole training regimen, there is very little evidence of the return of any Osgood-Schlatter's pain symptomology!! 

I don't know if anyone else has ever experienced any type of similar reduction in Osgood-Schlatter's symptomology, which correlates directly to the use of the Jumpsoles training regimen.  While we were/are very concerned about the possibility of: 1) over-training; and, 2) training-related irritation, which might result in the re-onset of Osgood-Schlatter's symptomology, we have thus far not seen that occur.  I should add that Bryan trains exactly as your video and training manual describe and is careful to get sufficient sleep, rest in between workouts and good nutrition. 

In summary, while we are very happy with the marked increases in vertical jump and horizontal speed/agility which Bryan has thus far gained from utilizing your Jumpsoles/Proprioceptor products and training regimen, we are really happy that doing so has also resulted in a marked decrease in the frequency/severity of Osgood-Schlatter's pain symptomology.  Thanks for making such a great product available.  We should also add that we have purchased a number of other jump/speed/agility products from your firm and they have also proven to be of very good quality and work just as you describe in your sales literature. 

Thanks again! 

Eric Berman 
Antelope Valley Springboks Volleyball Club 

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