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Osgood-Schlacter's Syndrome

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I am only 5'10", and thanks to JUMPSOLES I can now dunk a basketball!
     - Jeff Williams, Chicago, IL

I got jumpsoles last year for fathers day.  I have had good success....I dunked recently for the first time since 1988 ( I am 35 so that aint too bad!).  Thanks for the shoes!
     - Nathan Johnson

I gained about 9 inches in my vertical jump.  Now I jump the highest in my grade and I am nowhere near to being the tallest!  I am 14 years old and only 5'7".
     - Giovanni Savinovich, Ridgefield, NJ

I have purchased 18 pair so far. . .I now have four team players who are under 6'2" and can touch the top of the square above the rim from a standing start at the bottom of the net. Thanks JUMPSOLES!
     - Carl Finch, Head Basketball Coach, Modesto, CA

My friend recently got a pair and already gained 11 inches in vertical jump. I am totally shocked. . .
     - Danny Anderson, Brooklyn, NY

I pulled off a 180 degree reverse slam after gaining 9 1/2 inches in 2 months!
     - James Schmidt, Minneapolis, MN

My friend got a pair and he is now doing the things Jordan does. He has increased his leap an incredible 8 inches in the past month.
     - Gunnar Jenkins, Southwest Dekalb High School, IL

My football team gained an average of 6 inches in vertical jump. I am truly amazed!
     - Gary Agnitsch, Benicia, CA

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