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Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Ball Handling - Basketball DVD

Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Ball Handling - Basketball DVD

Code: CPBD02552A

Price: $39.99

with Ganon Baker,
Nike Basketball Training Specialist,
Ambidextrous Shooting Coach,
World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

with Boo Williams,
Legendary Coach, Clinician, and AAU Boys Basketball National Chairman

Basketball Evangelist, Ganon Baker, takes his message and passion all over the world. His energy is dedicated to developing basketball skills in young men and women. Baker and Williams teach drills in three segments, starting with form and advancing to speed and contact. As players work on form, they are encouraged to expand their game by moving out of their comfort zone. Improvement is based on the mistakes that come from pushing your game beyond comfortable limits. All of the teaching in this DVD will make kids confident and comfortable with the ball so that the ball becomes an extension of their hand. Good ball handling is the foundation of a players' developing game. The Form Series encompasses 24 stationary drills including ball wraps, triangle, knife, pound dribbles, WNBA dribble moves, wall and tennis ball drills. Next, ball handling is put into action in the Drive segment. Two partner drills are demonstrated that teach players to get close to defenders before making contact and driving by. The body dribble is illustrated as the key to dribbling past defenders and is incorporated into many of the drills. The action extends to the full court in the Jordan Maze drill and the tip drill. These drills are applicable to all coaches and use cones on the floor to guide the dribbler. The Circle drill is a unique drill that focuses on dribbling and one-on-one play. All of the drills in this DVD will help players become better scorers by getting by the defense and putting pressure on the defense. This exceptional DVD makes a huge statement about building a foundation, which starts with handling the ball and will help build individual and team ball handling skills, teamwork and communication.

66 minutes. 2006.

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