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Sports Vision Reflex Juggle Training Juggling Balls - set of 3

Sports Vision Reflex Juggle Training Juggling Balls - set of 3

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If you play any ball sport, you must learn how to juggle! It's a valuable motor skill that can have a direct impact on your ability to hit, kick, and react quickly to a moving ball. Juggling improves ambidexterity, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, peripheral vision, neuromuscular balance, and quickness under pressure. Juggling sharpens your focus for tasks like baseball hitting, tennis strokes, pass receiving, and basketball freethrow shooting.

Not only that, you might even become smarter: Scientists have discovered that juggling actually increases the number of brain cells that process visual information. Comes with step by step instructions easy enough that anyone can learn how to juggle.

These are the worlds best precision professional juggling balls. Each ball is 53 g for optimum feel. (tennis balls are way too light and bounce away) Tight seed fill for no-roll action, 4 panel seam construction with black/white pattern specifically designed to excite your optic nerves. Juggling a few minutes a day sharpens your visual acuity fast!

Serious athletes will get the complete Sports Vision Set which includes other exercises for eyes and reaction speed using tools like wobble boards and swiss balls. More Info About Juggling Balls - set of 3

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