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Individual Medicine Balls Medicine Balls for Golf

6 lb. Non Bounce

Price:   US$39.95 

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Non Bounce
Medicine Balls

Plyoball™ Jumbo
10 lb. Bouncing 

(Item # PLYBAL10J)
Price:   US$54.95 

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Medicine Balls

2 lb. Single Grip
Handle Ball
(Item # MBSG2)

Price:  $16.95 

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Single Grip 
Handle Balls

6 lb. Double Grip
Handle Ball
(Item # MBDG6)

Price:  $39.95 

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Double Grip 
Handle Balls

medicine ball exercises for golf
Golf Power
6lb, 10lb, Speedswing, Video

Price:   US$124.95 

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Medicine Ball
Fun Facts about Medicine Balls
Did you know:
Plyoball™ medicine balls are used at the White House Athletic Center and were featured as part of the President's National Fitness Initiative.

Plyoball™ and President Herbert Hoover share the same roots. Plyoball™ was designed in Palo Alto, California.
Herbert Hoover is an alumni of Stanford University
in Palo Alto.

Herbert Hoover

How President
Herbert Hoover
popularized medicine balls
in the 1930's

4 out of 5 professional athletes prefer Plyoball™ over all other medicine balls for their workouts!

The 6-time champion Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan trained with Plyoball Medicine Balls!

US Olympic decathlete coach Harry Marra flanked by two US decathletes. For years, the US Olympic decathlete team has used Plyoball™ medicine balls in their training.
Bounce vs NonBounce medicine balls: a comparison

Plyoball™ Medicine Ball: More Background Information

Plyoball™ Athletic Training Program with Brien Shamp & Brian Bettendorf

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