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Set of 6 Heavy Grips Squeeze Forearm Strength

Set of 6 Heavy Grips Squeeze Forearm Strength

Price: $99.95

The Stronger You Grip The Stronger You Throw ... (and other Strange Correlations)

Sore elbow or shoulder? It could be because of weak gripping muscles in the forearm.

Does it hurt when you throw a ball, spike, or swing a racket? It could actually be from weakness in your grip. Health of the rotator cuff correlates to the strength of ones grip, researchers have found. Grip strength had a significant correlation with the muscle strength of 45 degrees shoulder abduction and external rotation. In other words, the stronger your grip, the stronger your arm swing or throwing motion.

Golf and tennis elbow. Ouch. These ailments are often caused by improper strength ratios between the elbow muscles and the forearm muscles. If your forearm flexors are not strong enough relative to your elbow flexors like the biceps, uneven tension can accumulate in the soft tissue and result in sharp elbow pain.

Feel like you get sick too easily? Grip strength has even been linked to good immune function. (Guo et al 1996 and Kenjile et al 2005)

The best way to get a strong grip: These ultra high precision aluminum-handled handgrippers are made in 50lb increments from 100lbs to 350lbs so that you can train your grip similar to training any other body part -- by increasing resistance. This will finally allow you to build the solid forearms and strong grip you have been unable to achieve by doing endless reps with cheap department store hand-grippers. Set of 6 different levels.

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